Tim Drugan's Story Time

Humorist and liar Tim Drugan tells stories. Some of these narratives (or anecdotes, or parables) begin with a feeble grip on reality before slipping into the absurd. Many yarns (or chronicles, or fairy tales), however, start in the bizarre and quickly topple into the preposterous.


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episode 9: Gaslighting, Crack-Smoking Roommates, and Chapter Eight of Dust

Episode 9: Tim tries to gaslight his wife and searches for a new roommate. In the chapter, the old man says he prefers bacon to rabbit, and mopes about as though he didn't even want to be broken out of jail in the first place. To support the show and...


 2020-08-11  36m

episode 8: Parents, Social-Distancing Bears, and Chapter Seven of Dust

Episode 8: Tim spends time with his parents and has odd interaction with a bear. In the chapter, the group enters the foothills and the outlaw makes some food that he doesn't want to share. To support the show and gain access to bonus content, visit...


 2020-08-04  42m

episode 7: Home Maintenance, Grocery Store Serial Killers, and Chapter Six of Dust

Episode 7: Tim helps his landlord install a new microwave and has an odd interaction at the grocery store. In the chapter, the old man and the outlaw meet up with a new character and continue their journey towards the mountains. To support the show and...


 2020-07-28  30m

episode 6: Lying, Talking Dogs, and Chapter Five of Dust

Episode 6: Tim talks about lying and has an odd interaction while walking his dog. In the chapter, the old man and the outlaw leave town and ride through the night, taking shelter in a grove of trees to pass the day. For other resources, visit...


 2020-07-21  28m

episode 1: My Wife Tells Me to Sit Down to Pee

Episode 1: Tim reads a rejected Modern Love piece (rejected by the stupid and dumb and wrong New York Times) about navigating his nightly bathroom visits in his new marriage.
“Just sit down to pee,” my wife said. “Then you won’t have to turn on the light and wake me up. Problem solved.”

Problem not solved.

My new wife could not understand the heaviness of her suggestion so lightly tossed in my direction...


 2020-07-17  17m

A Trailer for Tim Drugan's Story Time

A trailer for Tim Drugan's Story Time.For other resources, visit timdrugan.com.


 2020-07-14  1m

episode 4: Dust: Chapter Four

Episode 4: Tim talks about brooding on his river trip. In the chapter, the old man and the outlaw, Benny Jones and Harv, leave the courthouse and bicker about getaway horses. For transcripts and other resources, visit timdrugan.com.


 2020-07-14  24m

episode 3: Dust: Chapter Three

Episode 3: Benny Jones is bothered by another prisoner before being broken out of jail by his old partner. If you enjoy westerns like True Grit or The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, check out Tim’s western novel, Dust, available on Amazon in eBook form in...


 2020-07-07  30m

episode 2: Dust: Chapter Two

Episode 2: More characters are introduced as Benny Jones is moved from the town square towards where he'll spend the night before his hanging.For transcripts and other resources, visit timdrugan.com.


 2020-06-30  35m

episode 1: Dust: Chapter One

Episode 1: Reading the first chapter of my unpublished Western novel with the hope of making it more accessible to my father and brother-in-law, both of whom are named Robert, and neither of whom read.If you enjoy westerns like True Grit or The Ballad...


 2020-06-25  23m