Tim Drugan's Story Time

Humorist and liar Tim Drugan tells stories. Some of these narratives (or anecdotes, or parables) begin with a feeble grip on reality before slipping into the absurd. Many yarns (or chronicles, or fairy tales), however, start in the bizarre and quickly topple into the preposterous.


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episode 1: My Wife Tells Me to Sit Down to Pee

Episode 1: Tim reads a rejected Modern Love piece (rejected by the stupid and dumb and wrong New York Times) about navigating his nightly bathroom visits in his new marriage.
“Just sit down to pee,” my wife said. “Then you won’t have to turn on the light and wake me up. Problem solved.”

Problem not solved.

My new wife could not understand the heaviness of her suggestion so lightly tossed in my direction...


 2020-07-17  17m

episode 2: Doctor, Is There an Afterlife? Please Say There Isn't.

Episode 2: Tim reads a rejected Shouts and Murmurs story (rejected by the failing New Yorker magazine) about a fellow emailing his doctor regarding his pancreatic cancer treatment options. He isn't sure he wants treatment at all, but that decision is contingent on a few pieces of information.
I do hope that your offer to email with any questions whatsoever was not just one of cordiality, for since my last appointment, some doubt has arisen regarding my treatment options...


 2020-08-14  13m

episode 3: Avoiding Raccoons on the Free Section of Craigslist

Episode 3: Tim puts his old bed on the free section of Craigslist to avoid giving it to raccoons or taking it to an Eco Cycle, also known as a "Special Waste Place." In doing so, he meets a man with an interesting definition of "a truck."
If it came down to it, I could’ve just left the bed out on the curb by the trash. Hopefully the trash folks would’ve picked it up...


 2020-08-25  21m

episode 4: Doug the Llama and a Waterslide

Episode 4: Tim shares a short story about a complaining llama, Doug, who hates the town waterslide. It seems that Doug hasn't read up much on enmeshment and narcissistic personality disorder.  Dougie Downer, that's what he is. A Dougie Downer. (That's a very sophisticated play on the common term Debbie Downer.)
Doug did, however, miss being the main attraction. Before there was a waterslide, the kids of the town would swim across the lake to see Doug...


 2020-09-08  21m

episode 5: A Day in the Life of Winifred

Episode 5: Tim's dog, Winifred, provides a rough schedule of her daily activities after Tim fails to prepare a show.  Are we ever not amazed by what goes on inside our pets' heads? Tim is certainly always amazed. What a gift it is that Winifred opened up to give us all a first-hand look into what dogs think. Because with the testimony from one dog, we can generalize to all dogs. Stereotyping is very useful...


 2020-09-15  23m

episode 6: A Retirement Community Wedding

Episode 6: An old man standing at the altar can't remember the name of his soon-to-be wife. A classic tale of a second marriage taking place in a retirement community, rife with unhappy children worried about their inheritance and old friends who have excessive amounts of hair growing out of their ears.
At this wedding it wasn’t his in-laws he had to worry about but rather his children...


 2020-09-22  23m

episode 7: Stupid Steve Is Suspicious About Swapping Spouses

Episode 7: A man on vacation with his friends is wary of their desire for sexual spontaneity. They would like to engage in mid life spouse swap, a vacation spouse swap, supposedly only for a night, but is that ever how it goes? Answer: No. Once one has a taste for polygamy, it is difficult to retrain one's buds, tastebuds that is...


 2020-10-20  31m

episode 8: Sharing Heart Medications

Episode 8: Tim talks about his father's enthusiasm for sharing a malady with Tim's dog, Winifred. For even when death is the likely outcome, it's nice to have company on the way.
“That’s what I have!” my dad said. “Pulmonary hypertension? Exactly. Exactly. The right side of my heart is also enlarged. They put Winnie on a beta blocker? That’s what I take!”

Winnie is my dog. And Winnie, like my dad, has pulmonary hypertension...


 2020-11-10  27m

episode 9: Jimmy Interviews With Madeline in His Head

Episode 9: A man has an interview, while a voice in his head is hell-bent on getting him into a sales role so she can put her tactics to use.

Tim got the idea for this story from his job search during quarantine, with his lovely wife ever coaching him to answer questions better in interviews than he normally would.
The voice in his head, Madeline, had been with Jimmy for some time. Jimmy couldn’t be sure when exactly she had showed up...


 2020-12-01  41m

episode 10: Drawing Lots to See Who's Eaten

Episode 10: Four men are stuck at sea, dying of thirst and dehydration after a whale attacked their ship. About to kill one of their shipmates to eat him, they are interrupted. 

Tim got the idea for this story from the book In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick: a book that documents the true events that inspired the classic and terrifically difficult to read novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville...


 2020-12-08  38m