Time and Space: A Doctor Who Podcast

Time and Space celebrates “Doctor Who,” one the world’s most enduring television sci-fi series. Co-hosts (and recently married couple) Jessica Nunn and Phillip Gilfus take an in-depth look at the current episodes of the Doctor and her companions, exploring how the new adventures of the Thirteenth Doctor break new ground and reach back into the canon. Jessica, a newer Whovian and an 11-year resident of the United Kingdom, and Phillip, a lifelong resident of the USA and fan of classic & nuWho, join together to discuss characters, stories, technology, Big Finish audio adventures, novels, and comics. They journey into the “TARDIS archives” each episode to look at how classic Doctor adventures helped pave the way to contemporary stories. Join Time and Space as Jessica and Phillip explore their love of “Doctor Who,” and, occasionally, for each other.


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Tesla's Hours of Excitement

"Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror" Review Tesla. Edison. Animated steampunk corpses. Scorpion Queens. All that plus the Doctor and TARDIS fam converge in this turn-of-the-20th-century episode of monsters and discovery. This series has been full of...



Climate Change & Cosplay

"Orphan 55" Review The Doctor and the TARDIS fam visit the "Doctor Who" version of a resort planet - except things go off-kilter when the episode ... I mean, spa is invaded by a plethora of guest stars, erm, monsters. Sue joins Jessica and Phillip to...



The Master Plan

"Spyfall, Parts One and Two" Review Series 12 is here, and it starts with a bang. Well, lots of bangs. New/old enemies revealed, new friends are discovered, and the Doctor is brought back to where it all began. For those fans who wondered if the...



Twelfth (Doctor) Night

Twelfth Doctor Christmas Specials The Capaldi Era not only ends with a Christmas special - as far as we know, it ended the Christmas specials! Jessica and Phillip close out their year of monthly Doctor celebrations with a focus on the Christmas...



It's a Metaphor

In Focus: "The Zygon Invasion"/"The Zygon Inversion" One of the Twelfth Doctor's best speeches, if not the best, comes in the two-parter sequel to "The Day of the Doctor." Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman lead this continent-spanning story, featuring...


 2019-12-18  42m

The Capaldi Monologue

"Heaven Sent" Analysis An unusual episode for a talented actor - the Steven Moffat-written "Heaven Sent" sends the Twelfth Doctor to the ultimate escape room. But he is the only player. A Doctor in mourning for Clara, faced with a silent, deadly...


 2019-12-04  52m

Timey-Wimey Tales

Eleventh Doctor Arcs Steven Moffat planned a few arcs, some that intertwined, for the Matt Smith era. Jessica and Phillip look at the arcs that fueled (or just mildly-flavored) the three series of the Eleventh Doctor. How effective was the crack in...


 2019-11-27  56m

Had Me at Hello and Goodbye

11th Doctor, From Beginning to End It's time to spotlight the Matt Smith era of "Doctor Who" - for this first installment, the couple compare his first and last outings as the Eleventh Doctor. "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Time of the Doctor," both...


 2019-11-13  1h25m

If You Had to Choose?

Ranking the Tenth Doctor Era As they close their month-long celebration of the Tennant era of "Doctor Who," Jessica and Phillip take turns ranking their favorite companions, stories, and specials. Are they a Rose, Martha, or Donna? Which episode was...


 2019-10-30  39m

Love & Tennant

First Time Doctor-ing - Series 2 New Doctor Who fan, Charlynn Schmiedt, joins the show again to share her reactions to watching the series for the first time. This time she has completed series 2, the Tenth Doctor's first full season, and she has...


 2019-10-17  1h11m