TMI Podcast with Petrina Kow And Joe Augustin

Petrina Kow and Joe Augustin were one of the most natural parings in the history of Singapore radio. And when Joe recently became available, it was the perfect time for a reunion. Funny. Witty. And always a good laugh. Catch the TMI Podcast. The Most Interesting Podcast.



      TMI S02E13 Regrets… We’ve Had A Few

      He’s done it his way for… well forever if we’re honest. We look back on the day we found out that Trump was going to be POTUS.


       2018-01-23  30m

      TMI S02E12 Christmas Traditions

      Nobody does Christmas podcasts… Nobody but us that is. Merry Christmas everyone!


       2017-12-25  25m

      TMI SE02E11 When Karaoke is not Okay

      Petrina wants to. Joe wants to her to stop. It’s a tale as old as time… but maybe not the one you think it is.


       2017-12-21  24m

      TMI S02E10 When You Get Caught Cheating.

      Some might call accuse Petrina of cheating on Joe. Listen in on the sordid details, and let us know what you think.


       2017-12-13  25m

      TMI S02E09 Should We Give A F&@% About Political Correctness?

      How did we get here, a world where people can hardly say ANYTHING without getting into trouble? Well because we’re the big mouths that we are, we have some answers. Tell us what you think?


       2017-12-07  40m

      TMI S02E08 Surprising Answers To Surprising Questions

      We’re pretty sure we’re misusing a set of questions designed to help a dating couple find a deeper relationship. And perhaps we’re misusing the audience by subjecting you to our answers. These last questions take us deep into uncomfortable territory. We invite you to join us on the journey.


       2017-11-27  33m

      TMI S02E07 Petrina Thought She Knew Joe UNTIL…

      Our journey continues with questions where the answers, in some cases, certainly were not only unexpected but a little scary. What was it that scared Petrina? To find out, tune in! We sincerely hope you take a moment and share this with your friends. 


       2017-11-15  37m

      TMI S02E06 How will you die? (HA HA)

      Slightly strange circumstances land us at this point where we’re asking each other this particular question – right along with a few other perhaps strange questions.


       2017-11-05  17m

      TMI S0205 We Have Some Questions

      We’ve given up. Looks like we CAN’T stay on a single topic, unless we’re guided by producers or in the case of today’s show, a quiz. It’s supposed to be a series of questions that may help two people find love in each other. Thanks for listening.


       2017-10-30  19m

      TMI S0204 Close Your Eyes and SEE (FIXED Audio Link)

      (Audio link FIXED) Can you actually see more with your EARS? On this episode of TMI Podcast, we talk about the incredible power of sound. Only question is… can we stay focused on the topic? (SPOILER ALERT: No).


       2017-10-23  24m