TMI Podcast with Petrina Kow And Joe Augustin

Petrina Kow and Joe Augustin were one of the most natural parings in the history of Singapore radio. And when Joe recently became available, it was the perfect time for a reunion. Funny. Witty. And always a good laugh. Catch the TMI Podcast. The Most Interesting Podcast.



      As Arnold Schwarzenegger said…

      We’ve missed you while we’ve been busy hustling. Let’s catch up soon. Real soon.



      TMI 35 Let’s Sleep On This!

      We all need it… But we seldom get enough of it. And on today’s show we talk about some of the effects of not getting enough sleep and what people try to do in order to get more or better sleep.



      TMI 34 – What is NORMAL?

      Our guest on TMI Podcast is actress Julie Wee. We talk about the critically acclaimed stage production of “Normal”,  that tackles the issues of what it means to be “normal”, especially in a country where that doesn’t seem to be enough.



      TMI Ep 33 – Saying Sorry.

      Have you ever received an apology that made you even more mad? The art of apology isn’t one they usually discuss in schools. Check out the framework Petrina came up with. You’ll be impressed. Thanks for listening!



      TMI Ep32 Money Money Money

      What is money TO YOU? Petrina joined a circle of honesty where they have some really interesting conversations about money. We also hear about someone who’s making his living on a lot less money than most of us think would be possible.



      TMI Ep31 – We, They, I Said What?

      So we heard that a certain radio station was in hot water over something they said. And as friends who’ve worked together as partners on morning shows, it’s a familiar story to us. We talk about apologies and we get to one of the worse parodies of a Disney song you will ever hear (Joe sings).



      TMI Ep30 – Are Smart Phones Killing Romance

      Everyone has a smart phone. But has increased connectivity enhanced or killed romance? Have a listen. Tell us what you think.



      TMI Ep29 Yes. But is it ART?

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      When is something Art? And more importantly, when is something NOT ART? And Jerry Seinfeld rapping? Oh yeah, that happened too. Enjoy!



      TMI Ep28 – Everything Is My Business

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      Your mum probably told you to… but can you really mind your own business? And what about those times when you SHOULD not. It may not be our business to tell you about minding your own business… But we will.



      TMI Ep 27 – Electric Electoral Eccentricities

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      So there was this election in the US…. And there’s about to be one in Singapore. So WHAT HAPPENED? And what WILL happen? We manage to say stupid things about both.