To Morrows End

Live play podcast of the Morrow Project 4.0 Universe RPG game system. We use a lot of house rules instead of the standard rules in order to make the game more interesting to anyone listening by moving it along faster. The team is awakened before their demise more than 150 years later than expected and team up with a previous surviving project member and a local big game hunter to survive in the world and possibly make it a better place. Equipped with the latest in scientific and military technology when they were frozen in 2018, they have a technological advantage over the few survivors of World War III and the fall of modern society, but is it enough to survive the harsh world that awaits them.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 46m. Bisher sind 106 Folge(n) erschienen. .

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To Morrows End EP5 – Never Gonna Give You Up

The team recovers from their injuries after the unfortunate events at the chapel and dealing with this Max character and his minions.   But what else does the Chapel hide inside?  Will Charlie survive having her leg almost blown off?


 2016-07-01  45m

To Morrows End EP4 – And I shoot him in the face.

Investigating the Chapel, Doc takes a completely different approach to how you greet someone at the door.  This completely foils any plans the GM had for the team and it all devolves into mayhem.


 2016-06-01  51m

To Morrows End EP3 – Now what do we have here

The team finally stops arguing and get’s out of the vehicle when they discover a trading post and are directed to a town in need of some help.


 2016-05-01  47m

Episode 2 – We gotta get out of here

After the team finally exits their bolt hole, they run into trouble.  Both from the hostiles outside looking for Doc and Ashcan but also from their hasty exit as they forgot some key procedures they learned in training.


 2016-04-01  49m

Episode ZERO – Meet the players

We actually had this all recorded before Episode one was released, but due to a SD card deciding to completely eat it’s self and take 2 hours of recorded audio with it into the digital great beyond we lost all the player introduction audio.


 2016-03-13  39m

Episode 1 – Uninvited Guests

We have just released episode one.  In this Episode the team is awakened by unexpected guests and start out on their adventure into the world.


 2016-03-01  1h9m