To Morrows End

Live play podcast of the Morrow Project 4.0 Universe RPG game system. We use a lot of house rules instead of the standard rules in order to make the game more interesting to anyone listening by moving it along faster. The team is awakened before their demise more than 150 years later than expected and team up with a previous surviving project member and a local big game hunter to survive in the world and possibly make it a better place. Equipped with the latest in scientific and military technology when they were frozen in 2018, they have a technological advantage over the few survivors of World War III and the fall of modern society, but is it enough to survive the harsh world that awaits them.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 46m. Bisher sind 98 Folge(n) erschienen. .

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 2 hours 58 minutes


To Morrows End R-17 Ep19

The team fast forewords helping out the town and heads east to check out a rumor of a slaver camp and what is still intact at NASA


 2020-11-15  41m

To Morrows End Ep55 – Electric Blue

The team looks around the depo some more, Charley wants to mind flay the Monks that are with them, and the team considers if there is more to uncover in this place.


 2020-11-01  46m

To Morrows End R-17 Ep18

The Team figures out who emptied their cache and tracks them down to get it back only to discover that they have been trading with all kinds of people in the wasteland and looking for some strange things.


 2020-10-15  48m

To Morrows End Ep54 – I have the Power

The team keeps exploring and discovers that the Depot has a massive amount of power generation and get the lights turned on. They make some more discoveries that point at this is not just a supply depot.


 2020-10-01  47m

To Morrows End R-17 Ep17

The team learns some new information and delays Normans sentence from the elders to try and get more information out of him and learn that a major threat is coming.


 2020-09-15  45m

To Morrows End Ep53 – Electric Avenue

The team explores the discovered underground facility and makes a revelation about where power is coming from.


 2020-09-01  43m

To Morrows End R-17 Ep16

The team captures Norman after wiping out the Hooah and learns about what they really are and that they have a bigger threat looming.


 2020-08-15  42m

To Morrows End EP52 – Life in a Northern Town

The Team follows their information and heads to the airport, they find a lot of very interesting things but one discovery was completely unexpected.


 2020-08-01  41m

To Morrows End R-17 Ep15

The team takes on the Hooah but discovers that something is not right. William has a string of bad luck.


 2020-07-15  49m

To Morrows End Ep51 – Funky Cold Madina

The Team finds a hidden room that has some major clues to the islands past, and Guy stumbles across something that may point the way to something much bigger.


 2020-07-01  46m