To Morrows End

Live play podcast of the Morrow Project 4.0 Universe RPG game system. We use a lot of house rules instead of the standard rules in order to make the game more interesting to anyone listening by moving it along faster. The team is awakened before their demise more than 150 years later than expected and team up with a previous surviving project member and a local big game hunter to survive in the world and possibly make it a better place. Equipped with the latest in scientific and military technology when they were frozen in 2018, they have a technological advantage over the few survivors of World War III and the fall of modern society, but is it enough to survive the harsh world that awaits them.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 46m. Bisher sind 78 Folge(n) erschienen.

To Morrows End EP46 – Ship of Fools

The team reveals information to the stranger from the island that gets them an invite to travel to Macinaw. But a storm is brewing and it’s going to cause them some problems.


 2020-02-01  46m

To Morrows End R-17 Ep9

The team goes back to the Blacksmiths after discovering who his grandfather was. William makes some new fans in Centralia, and they borrow a horse and cart to head out to a farm.


 2020-01-15  48m

To Morrows End EP45 – Let it Snow

The team gathers their thoughts after their meeting, they are paranoid as they are not people of interest and the weather takes a fast turn for the worse when they learn something disturbing….


 2020-01-01  47m

To Morrows End R-17 EP8

The team explores Centralia and makes some friends they did not expect while uncovering a mystery that surrounds the town it’s self.


 2019-12-15  47m

To Morrows End EP44 – Papa Dont Preach

The team faces the music in front of the town council to answer for what Charley has done. And find an unexpected ally that might be able to get them access to what they need to fix the mech and cross to the Upper Peninsula.


 2019-12-01  52m

To Morrows End R-17 EP7

The Team decides to investigate more before getting into a conflict so they sneak on by the Hooah Compound and try and find this place called Centralia.


 2019-11-15  49m

To Morrows End EP43 – Losing my Religion

Charley pulls the trigger and changes the fate of the town while causing unforeseen consequences to manifest. Who will have a permanent limp this time?


 2019-11-01  36m

To Morrows End R-17 EP6

The team confronts the strangers wandering around their camp and then follows them to their encampment to discover there is a larger threat in the area that they might need to apply some “diplomacy” to.


 2019-10-15  45m

To Morrows End EP42 – Here Comes Trouble

The team figures out their next move while Charley wanders out and starts more trouble than the team bargained for.


 2019-10-01  44m

To Morrows End R-17 EP5 – Down on the Farm

The team investigates the farm that Bjorn discovered and makes contact, but it seems that they are not the only ones running around with military-grade gear.


 2019-09-15  48m