To Morrows End

Live play podcast of the Morrow Project 4.0 Universe RPG game system. We use a lot of house rules instead of the standard rules in order to make the game more interesting to anyone listening by moving it along faster. The team is awakened before their demise more than 150 years later than expected and team up with a previous surviving project member and a local big game hunter to survive in the world and possibly make it a better place. Equipped with the latest in scientific and military technology when they were frozen in 2018, they have a technological advantage over the few survivors of World War III and the fall of modern society, but is it enough to survive the harsh world that awaits them.

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To Morrows End EP16 – Master of Puppets Part 1

The Team finds some information that leads them somewhere very unexpected, and tensions grow between the team and Ashcan when he becomes very wary of what they find.


 2017-06-01  45m

To Morrows End EP15 – Campfire Reflections

  This month was supposed to start Season 2 but we had completely lost about 12gb of audio that was the start of season 2.  So two of the players decided that digging into the characters a bit more in a fireside chat was a great idea and recorded this ...


 2017-05-01  29m

To Morrows End EP14 – Letters from the Other Side

Will gives a couple of status reports from his log files and breaks into the dead commanders laptop looking for more information that may be useful to the team.  He finds the recruitment interviews of the team  as well as some other information that ra...


 2017-04-01  23m

To Morrows End EP13 – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Fast Foreward 6 months and the team has spent time in beets helping the town in the way the team could.  Educating the locals, fixing the still and getting the blacksmith up to speed were their top priorities.


 2017-03-01  27m

To Morrows End EP12 – Promised you a Miracle

The team discovers that there is a hidden danger right under their noses in the town, while Doc and Will try to come up with a way to keep the Wolves away from the town.


 2017-02-01  51m

To Morrows End EP23 – Highway to Hell

The team discovers they are being stalked and try to get some answers while Doc goes rogue and sneaks away to go have some more conversation time alone with the man in black.


 2017-01-01  40m

To Morrows End EP11 – Should I stay or Should I go

While the team Celebrates they stumble upon someone from Docs past, while Ashcan makes a discovery outside the town walls that shakes him to his very core.


 2017-01-01  43m

To Morrows End EP10 – Hungry Like a Wolf

The team fights off the horde of angry wolves for the town of Beets.   But they discover that these are not ordinary wolves.


 2016-12-06  50m

To Morrows End EP9 – Looking for the Perfect Beet

The team talks their way into the town and discovers that someone there has access to pre war knowledge. I apologize for the lower audio quality of this episode, due to time constraints and and hosting size constraints I had to render at a lower audio ...


 2016-11-01  40m

To Morrows End EP8 – Lets go to Beets

The team finally gets a rest and takes the time to get to know their new team member when they learn from Song and Ashcan of a new trading post to the north.  


 2016-10-01  47m