To The Journey: A Star Trek Voyager Podcast

To The Journey is a podcast dedicated to Star Trek: Voyager. Not an episode review show, To The Journey explores specific elements with host Zachary Fruhling and guests.

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episode 272: V.S.S. Liver

Season One Rewrite. We rewrite season one of Star Trek: Voyager to include a season-long story arc with the Vidiians as the main adversary.


 2020-02-28  57m

episode 271: A More Textured Tribble

Janeway in Command. We chat about Janeway’s command decisions and do not agree on one particular decision - surprise, surprise!


 2020-02-13  48m

episode 270: To The Journey 270: That’s a Game Changer

Game Changers. We talk about some game changing moments in Voyager that were not affected by the reset button.


 2020-02-02  49m

episode 269: 1990s Clickbait

The 25th Anniversary of Voyager. Looking back on what was happening in 1995. We also discuss the legacy of Voyager.


 2020-01-16  47m

episode 268: Party Like It's 1999

11:59. In this episode of To The Journey, hosts, Liam Smart, and Zachary Fruhling, discuss what they think of 11:59, their own ancestry, history, new year resolutions, and with the turn of the new decade: what the last decade's legacy has been


 2020-01-13  58m

episode 267: Voyager Rorschach Test

Voyager Q&A. We introduce new host of To The Journey, Liam Smart, with a Voyager Q&A.


 2019-12-24  1h1m

episode 266: Delta Quadrant Travel Agents

Delta Quadrant Vacation/Holiday Destinations. We discuss possible Delta Quadrant vacation/holiday destinations from Star Trek: Voyager.


 2019-11-15  53m

episode 265: Sneaking the Snacks

Seven of Nine Mini-Marathon. We go into our alcoves for a three-episode Seven of Nine mini-marathon, and we discuss the return of Seven of Nine in the upcoming series, Star Trek: Picard.


 2019-08-01  44m

episode 264: Kale for Breakfast

"The Cloud" Commentary. We peek in on Captain Janeway's animal guide vision quest and holodeck pool hustling at Chez Sandrine's with an audio commentary on the first-season Voyager episode "The Cloud."


 2019-05-02  56m

episode 263: Kneel Before Moriarty

Desert Island Episodes - Voyager Season 7. We wrap up our "Desert Island" podcast series with our top three Desert Island episode picks from Season 7 of Star Trek: Voyager.


 2019-03-29  41m