To The Journey: A Star Trek Voyager Podcast

To The Journey is a podcast dedicated to Star Trek: Voyager. Not an episode review show, To The Journey explores specific elements with host Zachary Fruhling and guests.

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episode 262: It Goes to Eleven

Voyager Romance. In this special Valentine's Day episode of To The Journey, we explore the many romances, both good and bad, in Star Trek: Voyager, from romantic moments between members of the staff to various alien romances of the week.


 2019-02-14  49m

episode 261: 60,000 Miles from Home

Message in a Bottle. We discuss the fourth-season Voyager episode "Message in a Bottle" and the comedic duo of the Emergency Medical Hologram, Mark I (Robert Picardo) and the Emergency Medical Hologram, Mark II (Andy Dick).


 2019-01-17  28m

episode 260: Mostly Dead

"Mortal Coil" Commentary. We raise our glasses for a holiday Prixmas toast with an audio commentary on the fourth-season Voyager episode "Mortal Coil."


 2018-12-20  56m

episode 259: The Redemption of Tom Paris

Tom Paris Mini-Marathon. We compare our top episode picks for a three-episode Tom Paris mini-marathon.


 2018-09-20  33m

episode 258: Macro-Micro Mitosis

Faces. We discuss B'Elanna Torres's inner dual nature and the many faces of "Faces" (Star Trek: Voyager, Season 1).


 2018-08-30  29m

episode 257: BYOC (Build Your Own Chakotay)

Desert Island Episodes - Voyager Season 6. We compare our top three "Desert Island" episode picks from Voyager Season 6, forsaking all other Season 6 episodes forever.


 2018-08-23  44m

episode 256: Ocampan Sex Ed

Kes Mini-Marathon. We put together a mini-marathon of the essential Kes episodes in Star Trek: Voyager.


 2018-08-10  53m

episode 255: You're Such a Negative Neelix

Things We Love and Hate about Neelix. From groan-worthy comic relief to embracing his inner Klingon, we discuss the things we love and hate about the character of Neelix in Star Trek: Voyager.


 2018-07-26  37m

episode 254: Left Behind

Innocence. We discuss Tuvok's Vulcan parenting skills, the fear of death, and Chakotay's diplomacy learning curve in the second-season Voyager episode "Innocence."


 2018-07-12  44m

episode 253: Retconning the 90s

Characters We Wanted More Of. We discuss one-off characters that we wanted to see more of, and characters we wish had joined the Voyager crew.


 2018-06-21  1h5m