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episode 437: California Dreamin'

A new California law limits how early school can start in the state.



episode 436: Inside a Trump rally

Last night at a Kentucky rally, President Trump's supporters ordered the media to "Do your job!" and reveal the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Bender explains how these events have changed the American political landscape and Sean Rameswaram speaks with a superfan who has attended 18 rallies. And counting.



episode 435: Just one year to go!

The election is now one year away. Ezra Klein offers Democrats a strategy to win in 2020.



episode 434: Instagram's war on nipples

Vox’s Reset podcast explores how Instagram's nipple ban affects art and identity.


 2019-11-01  27m

episode 433: The first impeachment vote

Nancy: 1 / Donald: 0


 2019-10-31  21m

episode 432: Why is the world protesting?

A WhatsApp tax, a metro fare hike, and a check to a South African model have inspired a wave of anti-government protests.


 2019-10-31  17m

episode 431: California's blackouts

The wildfires in California have gotten so bad the state's biggest utility is turning off the power on purpose.


 2019-10-29  17m

episode 430: The death of al-Baghdadi

ISIS has lost its leader, but that doesn't mean the world is any safer.


 2019-10-28  23m

episode 429: WeWorked

America’s most controversial startup was finally bought out this week, but WeWork is a symptom of a much larger problem.


 2019-10-25  23m

episode 428: The right to sell out

California is going to let college athletes make money from sneaker deals and commercials. Will the rest of the country follow suit?


 2019-10-24  18m