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episode 183: $$ FREE MONEY FREE MONEY $$

What if the government just gave everyone money? No strings attached. Crazier things have happened. Nixon even tried to implement such a program once. The Atlantic's Annie Lowrey explains how universal basic income could work.


 2018-11-01  21m

episode 182: What the frack is up with Colorado

Colorado's Proposition 112 is dividing the state. The ballot measure could severely limit oil and gas production, including fracking. Sean Rameswaram speaks with Cody Doane, who's Team Fracking, even though there was a lethal natural gas explosion near his kids' pre-school.


 2018-10-31  23m

episode 181: One week to midterms, 5000 troops to border

THE CARAVAN IS COMING! DISEASE! MUSLIMS! DANGER! LOCK THE BORDER! Or maybe just listen to this episode in which Vox’s Dara Lind separates truth from fiction about the migrant caravan heading to the U.S.


 2018-10-30  22m

episode 180: Tree of Life

A mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue has confirmed what many believed to be true: Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America, and it's fueling white nationalism.


 2018-10-29  24m

episode 179: The Purge

More than 50,000 voters in Georgia have found themselves on a “pending list.” One candidate for governor is responsible for it. The other is fighting it. The outcome could turn Georgia purple and make Stacey Abrams the first black woman to run an American state.


 2018-10-26  23m

episode 178: Bombs in the mail

America’s favorite Democrats are getting pipe bombs in the mail. Who even mails bombs anymore?


 2018-10-25  17m

episode 177: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Kill the Treaty

The Trump administration announced it’s throwing out a decades-old arms treaty with Russia. Arms control specialist Alexandra Bell explains why this news pairs well with a stiff drink.


 2018-10-24  22m

episode 176: The transgender memo

A leaked Health and Human Services memo has left transgender Americans feeling like the Trump administration wants to define them out of existence. Dominic Holden from BuzzFeed News says the whole situation is much more complicated.


 2018-10-23  20m

episode 175: We're gonna need a bigger vote

A ballot initiative on November 6 might re-enfranchise over a million Floridians. Demetrius Jifunza explains what it would mean to regain the right to vote.


 2018-10-22  19m


Metabolism is one of the greatest mysteries of the human body. Vox’s Julia Belluz spends a day in a metabolic chamber and emerges with some answers.


 2018-10-19  17m