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Hosted by Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday

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The Catholic church faces its past – podcast

Last year investigations around the world showed that historical sexual abuse within the Catholic church had been covered up for decades. India Rakusen talks to two survivors and hears from the Guardian’s religion correspondent Harriet Sherwood on how the church plans to move forward. Plus: the Guardian’s Tom Phillips on Juan Guaidó’s attempted take over in Venezuela


 2019-01-25  28m

Planning for no deal on the Brexit frontline – podcast

With less than 10 weeks to go until Britain leaves the EU and still no withdrawal deal agreed, businesses around the country are scrabbling to prepare for the worst-case scenario of a disorderly Brexit. Our reporters in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland discover that very few contingency plans are in place. Plus: Aditya Chakrabortty on why the Davos elite are running scared


 2019-01-24  27m

Deadly air: driving a rickshaw in Delhi – podcast

Delhi’s rickshaw drivers are on the frontline of the city’s most notorious problem: horrendous air pollution. The Guardian’s south Asia correspondent, Michael Safi, travels the city with Pandit, a driver whose exposure to the worsening air quality is affecting his health and his livelihood. Plus: Ana Adlerstein looks at the reality of life on the US-Mexico border in Arizona


 2019-01-23  25m

How Ukip embraced the far right – podcast

With Brexit talks stalled and some of its supporters pushing a betrayal narrative, the Guardian’s Peter Walker charts how Ukip has begun rising in the polls again. But how did the party come to fully embrace the far right in Britain? And do its supporters know how extreme it has become? Plus: Helen Pidd on what young voters in Bolsover make of the Brexit deal paralysis


 2019-01-22  27m

What can we do, right now, about climate change? – podcast

Calamitous weather events and warnings from scientists that the planet is warming faster than previously believed are causing alarm. Global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, describes the shifts needed to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5C. Plus: David Conn on how football and gambling have become inseparable


 2019-01-21  27m

Is there a Democrat who can oust Donald Trump? – podcast

The Democrats are already fighting for the opportunity to take on Donald Trump – but can any of them hope to unseat him? Plus: Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai on what she would like to tell the US president about building walls


 2019-01-18  24m

How Brexit unravelled – podcast

In a disastrous week for Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, her former director of strategy, Chris Wilkins, and the Guardian’s Daniel Boffey chart where it all went wrong. Plus: Polly Toynbee on what Labour should do next


 2019-01-17  24m

The great Brexit rebellion – podcast

On a monumental day in parliament, Anushka Asthana is with the Conservative MP Anna Soubry as she works across traditional party boundaries to defeat Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Political editor Heather Stewart explains what happens now. Plus: the Guardian’s Simon Hattenstone on his time following the Leave Means Leave campaign group


 2019-01-16  26m

School segregation: a lesson from Birmingham – podcast

A school in Birmingham is attempting to buck the trend of increasing ethnic and religious segregation in the city. The Guardian’s Aamna Mohdin spends a day at the University of Birmingham school that takes its students from across the diverse city. Plus: John Crace on today’s Brexit vote


 2019-01-15  24m

China's Muslim detention camps – podcast

Up to a million Muslims are being held in detention camps in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. The Guardian’s Lily Kuo visits the region where authorities are expanding the camps and increasing surveillance on ethnic minorities. Plus: in opinion, the writer Bella Mackie on how running helps her cope with anxiety


 2019-01-14  23m