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Hosted by Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday

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Culture wars, abortion and conspiracy theories: what the midterms tell us about the US

Florida used to be seen as a swing state but in recent years it has lurched further and further to the right. Now there are worries democracy itself is under threat



What does it take to be an undercover police officer?– podcast

David Taylor began his undercover career targeting small-time drug dealers before going deeper into the world of organised crime. But it ended when he was suddenly pulled from a major investigation and he wants to know why



Ben Roberts-Smith v the media, part one: reputation

Ben Doherty hosts a special series on the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial. Australia’s most-decorated living soldier is seeking to defend his reputation against reports in three newspapers that he says falsely accuse him of being a war criminal


 2022-10-29  46m

War hero or war criminal? Australia’s defamation trial of the century

Ben Roberts-Smith, Australia’s most decorated living soldier, is seeking to defend his reputation against reports in three newspapers that he says falsely accuse him of being a war criminal. Ben Doherty reports


 2022-10-28  26m

Can Rishi Sunak pull the Conservative party back together? – podcast

After the chaos of Liz Truss’s short-lived stint as PM, there were claims the Conservative party was ungovernable. Can Rishi Sunak unify it once more?


 2022-10-27  28m

The rise of Europe’s far-right parties – podcast

Why are far-right parties becoming more influential in European politics? Jon Henley reports on the rise of the Brothers of Italy and the Sweden Democrats


 2022-10-26  30m

Is the UK ready for Rishi Sunak?

Nosheen Iqbal heads to Westminster, where the latest Tory leadership contest has resulted in the UK’s third prime minister this year


 2022-10-25  27m

Operation Soteria: a new approach to investigating rape

What can be done to improve rape conviction rates in Britain? Alexandra Topping reports on the police forces trialling a way of investigating rape and sexual assault cases


 2022-10-24  28m

The end of Liz Truss

Sonia Sodha reports on a disastrous premiership marked by U-turns and a self-inflicted economic crisis


 2022-10-21  28m

The all-powerful Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is cementing his grip on power and is expected to be handed a third term. Rana Mitter and Emma Graham-Harrison examine what he will he do with it


 2022-10-20  30m