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Hosted by Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday

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Hungary, populism and my Orbán-voting father – podcast

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s far-right prime minister, is at the forefront of a nationalist surge in Europe, and his anti-migrant rhetoric has brought condemnation from the EU. The Guardian’s John Domokos went to find out the attraction Orbán holds to Hungarian voters, including his own father. Plus: how one woman is campaigning to prevent her frozen eggs being destroyed


 2019-02-04  27m

Disaster in the Australian outback – podcast

Searing heat, severe drought and official mismanagement have allowed rivers in south-eastern Australia to run dry. The Guardian reporters Anne Davies and Lorena Allam discuss the devastating impact this has had on wildlife and residents. Plus: Zoe Williams on children’s screen time


 2019-02-01  26m

Brexit and the Good Friday agreement – podcast

The landmark peace deal struck between the British and Irish governments in 1998 paved the way for power-sharing between unionists and nationalists in Northern Ireland and ended a 30-year conflict. Henry McDonald reports on how the Good Friday agreement is once again under scrutiny as Britain approaches Brexit. Plus Jason Burke on the political crisis in Zimbabwe


 2019-01-31  26m

Venezuela crisis: can Maduro ride out Guaidó’s challenge? – podcast

The opposition leader Juan Guaidó has declared himself Venezuela’s interim president after mass protests against Nicolás Maduro. But the military have so far stayed loyal to Maduro, who has called the attempt to remove him a coup. Virginia Lopez reports from Caracas. Plus: Jessica Elgot on what we learned from another night of Brexit votes in the House of Commons


 2019-01-30  27m

Order! Order! Speaker John Bercow and Brexit – podcast

Today is the day that backbench MPs in parliament could wrestle control of the Brexit process away from the government. Overseeing proceedings is the Speaker John Bercow, whose recent break with precedent infuriated Brexiters. Plus, in opinion: Jonathan Freedland on the Brexit-backing elite and how they will avoid the worst consequences of leaving the EU


 2019-01-29  25m

Going viral: the victims of online conspiracy theories – podcast

What is it like to be the focus of an online conspiracy theory that goes viral? Four people whose lives were upended by conspiracists tell the Guardian’s Ed Pilkington how they dealt with it – and why it could happen to anyone. Plus: Jamie Fullerton on the monkey gangs of Kuala Lumpur whose jungle habitat is being swallowed by the city


 2019-01-28  29m

The Catholic church faces its past – podcast

Last year investigations around the world showed that historical sexual abuse within the Catholic church had been covered up for decades. India Rakusen talks to two survivors and hears from the Guardian’s religion correspondent Harriet Sherwood on how the church plans to move forward. Plus: the Guardian’s Tom Phillips on Juan Guaidó’s attempted take over in Venezuela


 2019-01-25  28m

Planning for no deal on the Brexit frontline – podcast

With less than 10 weeks to go until Britain leaves the EU and still no withdrawal deal agreed, businesses around the country are scrabbling to prepare for the worst-case scenario of a disorderly Brexit. Our reporters in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland discover that very few contingency plans are in place. Plus: Aditya Chakrabortty on why the Davos elite are running scared


 2019-01-24  27m

Deadly air: driving a rickshaw in Delhi – podcast

Delhi’s rickshaw drivers are on the frontline of the city’s most notorious problem: horrendous air pollution. The Guardian’s south Asia correspondent, Michael Safi, travels the city with Pandit, a driver whose exposure to the worsening air quality is affecting his health and his livelihood. Plus: Ana Adlerstein looks at the reality of life on the US-Mexico border in Arizona


 2019-01-23  25m

How Ukip embraced the far right – podcast

With Brexit talks stalled and some of its supporters pushing a betrayal narrative, the Guardian’s Peter Walker charts how Ukip has begun rising in the polls again. But how did the party come to fully embrace the far right in Britain? And do its supporters know how extreme it has become? Plus: Helen Pidd on what young voters in Bolsover make of the Brexit deal paralysis


 2019-01-22  27m