Toho Yaro

The world of Japanese cinema is at their disposal! Three rascals decide to meet and give some backstory regarding their history, and detail their plans for the future.

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Toho Yaro #72, “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe”

When the Toho Gang and special guest David Bednar are attacked by giant flat-headed bat creatures, only one humongous fire-breathing turtle can same them… and the world! It’s kaiju time in Episode 72: GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE!


 2021-07-28  1h45m

Toho Yaro #71, “Sakuran”

The Toho Gang step into Yoshiwara to witness the glamour and drama of the Red Light District. Dazed by all the colors and beauty it’s hard to tell if these courtesans are just goldfish in a bowl, or cicadas waiting to emerge and fly away.


 2021-06-18  59m

Toho Yaro #70, “Be-Bop High School”

Grease up your hair, slouch just right, and growl at anyone who gives you the wrong look! Get delinquent with the Toho Gang in Episode 70: BE-BOP HIGH SCHOOL! Directed by Hiroyuki Nasu, Starring Kojiro Shimizu, Toru Nakamura, Miho Nakayama,


 2021-05-18  1h9m

Toho Yaro #69, “Girl Boss Guerilla”

Hear that sound? The revving engines roaring down the road are the notorious Red Helmet Girl Gang! They’ve come to challenge the Toho Gang and we don’t stand a chance! Get ready for some mayhem in Episode 69: GIRL BOSS GUERILLA!


 2021-04-25  1h22m

Toho Yaro #68, “Swing Girls”

Tune your instruments and straighten your sheet music! It’s time to jam with the Toho Gang as they hear the rhythm and learn to love big bands in Episode 68: SWING GIRLS! Directed by Shinobu Yaguchi, Starring Juri Ueno, Yuta Hiraoka, Shihori Kanjiya,


 2021-04-12  1h4m

Toho Yaro #67 “The Most Dangerous Game (Mottomo Kiken na Yuugi)”

Come along with The Toho Gang are on deadly mission! Explore dingy bowling alley hideouts and perilous rooftop shootouts in Episode 67: THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME! Directed by Toru Murakawa, Starring Yusaku Matsuda, Keiko Tasaka, Yoko Ichiji,


 2021-03-22  51m

Toho Yaro #66, “Tora-san Goes North”

The Toho Gang travel up — WAY up — to rural Hokkaido with the salesman who always falls in love! It’s a real odd couple when tekiya meets yojimbo in Episode 66: TORA-SAN GOES NORTH, Directed by Yoji Yamada, Starring Kiyoshi Atsumi, Chieko Baisho,


 2021-03-05  1h5m

Toho Yaro #65, “Ugetsu”

Turn down the lights, the Toho Gang have a ghost story for you! Will greed reign supreme or will Genjuro and Tobei come to their senses? It’s Episode 65: UGETSU! Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, Starring Machiko Kyo, Masayuki Mori, Eitaro Ozawa,


 2021-02-20  48m

Toho Yaro #64, “13 Assassins (2010)”

In peaceful times, what is a samurai’s place in the world? Well, it turns out that there are still monsters who need to be dealt with. It’s a baker’s dozen vs. 200 in Episode 64: 13 ASSASSINS! Directed by Takashi Miike, Starring Koji Yakusho,


 2021-02-03  1h4m

Toho Yaro #63, “Youth of the Beast”

A quick-drawing scoundrel joins two local gangs, and pits them against one another! Who is he really? The Toho Gang puffs out their cheeks and enters the world of double-crossing yakuza with special guest David Carter in Episode 63: YOUTH OF THE BEAST!...


 2021-01-09  1h8m