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Tom and Doug's lives and misadventures told through their music

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Tom and Doug Show Episode 559

This week, Tom and Doug are driving around in the podmobile. They decide to try to inspire "conformity" in the world because conformity is the secret to acceptance and love.


 2016-04-01  29m

Tom and Doug Show Episode 558

Tom and Doug talk about the afterlife. They invite Joe Bezek to join in the discussion about what happens after our lives are over.


 2016-03-25  29m

Tom and Doug Show Episode 557

Tom and Doug are thrilled to receive a letter from one of the radio stations that carry "The Tom and Doug Show".


 2016-03-18  29m

Tom and Doug Show Episode 556

Tom and Doug want to reward some listeners, so they play a brand new song at the beginning of the show. They also wanted to punish other listeners, so they play another brand new song at the end of the show.


 2016-03-11  29m

Tom and Doug Show Episode 555

Tom tells Doug that he would like to be a pundit. They both discuss the qualities that they would need to be good pundits.


 2016-03-04  29m


Exclusive interview with Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat. The E-cat is the controversial Low Energy Nuclear Fusion generator that produces energy, and uses powdered nickel as a fuel. Andrea Rossi demonstrated and sold his first 1 MegaWatt power generation station on October 28, 2011. Since that time there have been reportedly 13 stations sold. Andrea joins Tom and Doug by phone for a revealing and fun interview.


 2011-11-16  58m