Autism is my super blessing! I'm a high-school valedictorian, college graduate, world traveler, disability advocate. I'm a Unitarian Universalist. I'm a Progressive Liberal. I'm about equal rights, human rights, civil & political rights, & economic, social, &cultural rights. I do servant leadership, boundless optimism, & Oneness/Wholeness. I'm good naked & unashamed! I love positive personhood, love your neighbor as yourself, and do no harm! I'm also appropriately inappropriate! My self-ratings: NC-17, XXX, X, X18+ & TV-MA means empathy! I publish shows at 11am! Support this podcast:

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episode 77: My healthy sex life after the childhood sexual abuse that I was forced to endure

"People are often confused by what I do when I tell them I am a Sexual Empowerment Coach and Sexuality Educator. The other day someone said, “Oh, so you do prevention?”

I smiled and explained that prevention might be one small piece of a holistic approach to sexuality, and that I’m more about creating and expanding sexuality than preventing it!

We learn to deal with sexuality in deficits. What’s not there. What we don’t have. What we can’t be. What we can’t do...



episode 75: Is Watching Porn Right for You? 7 Core Myths About Pornography


  • Research suggests that watching porn is more likely to be harmless for LGBTQ individuals, non-monogamous couples, and women than it is for others.
  • Using pornography to compensate for unmet sexual needs in a relationship, however, may lead to problems for individuals of any gender.
  • Individuals and couples who are highly religious or morally opposed to porn are likely to experience conflict if they watch pornography...



episode 74: Porn star stories

"4. Has working in adult entertainment made you more aware of your sexual health?

Son of the Seas:“Yes, seeing yourself on camera makes you look at yourself a little closer. When it comes to working with other models in the industry being safe is one of the most important aspects of making content. I looked to porn for knowledge about sex, and I know others are still doing so. Showing that sex is both steamy and safe is what we as porn actors need to be doing.”




episode 73: Porn addiction is not real, sex addiction is not real either

"1. "'Sex addiction’ and compulsive sexual behaviors are the same thing." Wrong. Whilst the DSM-5 has rejected "sex addiction" as a diagnosis, the ICD-11 has endorsed the term "compulsive sexual behavior disorder" (CSBD). The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly states that CSBD is not, however, an addiction disorder and that those two terms should not be used interchangeably.

I also frequently hear, "It doesn’t matter what we call it...



episode 72: The New Porn: How Female Filmmakers Are Reinventing Adult Cinema a.k.a. the feminist pornographers

"First things first, the most basic questions there is: How do you define feminist pornography?"

"The great thing about this book is that that is one of the central questions it is both asking and answering...



episode 71: I am pro-reproductive rights 100% part 2

"Prohibition of forced sterilization and forced abortion

The Istanbul convention, the first legally binding instrument in Europe in the field of violence against women and domestic violence, prohibits forced sterilization and forced abortion:

Article 39 – Forced abortion and forced sterilizationParties shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to ensure that the following intentional conducts are criminalized: a performing an abortion on a woman without...



episode 70: I am pro-reproductive rights 100% part 1

"Reproductive rights are legal rights and freedoms relating to reproduction and reproductive health that vary amongst countries around the world...



episode 69: The concepts of "porn addiction" and masturbation in Evangelical churches

"Buchs, Gallagher, and Pure Life Ministries believe that Evangelical churches are filled with “porn addicts.” What should we make of this assertion? Is “porn addiction” even a thing? Sure, people can become addicted to many things, but has Internet porn turned half of all teen and adult Evangelical church members into addicts? Imagine for a moment an Evangelical megachurch with 20,000 members...



episode 68: Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene Is Fact, Not Fiction

"The publication on Nov. 12, 2014 of the book I co-wrote with Prof. Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene, has caused a worldwide theological firestorm, including demonstrations in India. I was even the butt of one of Bill O'Reilly's attacks and have challenged him to an on-air debate. So far, he's demurred...



episode 66: Religious cult survival

"1) "You just need to work through your bitterness." -Teryn

Bitterness. It's a good idea to pretty much never use that word in particular. Bitterness, in fundie-speak, is a tool to silence anyone who is being critical. If you're accused of "bitterness," it means that you are incapable of viewing any situation or person "correctly," that you lack the capacity for love and grace, and what you actually need to work on is yourself...