Autism is my super blessing! I'm a high-school valedictorian, college graduate, world traveler, disability advocate. I'm a Unitarian Universalist. I'm a Progressive Liberal. I'm about equal rights, human rights, civil & political rights, & economic, social, &cultural rights. I do servant leadership, boundless optimism, & Oneness/Wholeness. I'm good naked & unashamed! I love positive personhood, love your neighbor as yourself, and do no harm! I'm also appropriately inappropriate! My self-ratings: NC-17, XXX, X, X18+ & TV-MA means empathy! I publish shows at 11am! Support this podcast:

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episode 1: Affirmations of Humanism

"Affirmations of HumanismA Statement of PrinciplesDrafted by Paul KurtzWe are committed to the application of reason and science to the understanding of the universe and to the solving of human problems.We deplore efforts to denigrate human intelligence, to seek to explain the world in supernatural terms, and to look outside nature for salvation.We believe that scientific discovery and technology can contribute to the betterment of human life...


 May 26, 2022  40m

episode 2: There is no vanity and no self-destructive behavior about my personal life and my professional life!

"In my life, I am not a person of vanity. I am not a person of excessive pride in or admiration of my own appearance or achievements. I am not: conceit, conceitedness, self-conceit, narcissism, prideful self-love, prideful self-admiration, prideful self-regard, prideful self-absorption, prideful self-obsession, prideful self-centeredness, egotism, egoism, egocentrism, egomania, pride, haughtiness, arrogance, boastfulness, swagger, imperiousness, and cockiness...


 May 26, 2022  21m

episode 5: I made full peace with my religious past as a secular community member!

“Most religions would have us follow a set of paternalistic, ancient texts that are full of conflicting messages and supposedly inspired by a powerful supernatural being and written when knowledge of the laws of nature was virtually non-existent. We are, on our own, capable of providing an appropriate set of guidelines that allows each of us to seek happiness while living harmoniously with each other and with nature. Inherently, most people are basically good...


 August 11, 2022  1h13m

episode 6: Soft Dom

"Many people identify as Soft Doms in BDSM. There are several different types of Doms that people can identify as in the world of BDSM; some dominants have a little of everything, whereas others only identify as a specific Dom type.

What is a Soft Dom? They are Dom’s with a softer approach to BDSM, and they use a more delicate approach when engaging with their submissives. A Soft Dom isn’t a sadist or into humiliation...


 May 29, 2022  57m

episode 6: Body positive sex!

I no longer have sexual performance anxiety like I did in the past. Once I do adult films and my off-camera sex life, I will maintain my sensitivity to sexual performance anxiety. “Medications and other therapies can help treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems that have physical causes. If a medical issue isn't to blame, your doctor might suggest you try one of these approaches: Talk to a therapist...


 August 11, 2022  41m

episode 7: Why is the Bible So Badly Written? Eleven Kinds of Verses Bible-Believers Like to Ignore. Christianity’s Painfully Mixed Track Record on Slavery

"1. Weird insults and curses. The Monty Python crew may have coined some of the best insults of the last 100 years: Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. But for centuries the reigning master was Shakespeare: It is certain that when he makes water his urine is congealed ice. Had John Cleese and William Shakespeare lived in the Iron Age, though, some of the Bible writers might have given them a run for their money...


 May 29, 2022  1h7m

episode 7: Yes, the Bible teaches social justice

"In the Old Testament alone, “justice” is mentioned hundreds of times in reference to the systemic oppression of vulnerable populations at the hands of the rich and powerful. Here is a very small sampling:

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow...


 May 30, 2022  10m

episode 7: Secular sex and secular rationality

“Our friend, Mr. Darne, says giving pleasure is a key trait of someone who is good at sex. “A great lover is always more than willing to give as good as she or he gets. They’re always looking to ‘one-up’ their mate’s attempt to please them.” 5. They are vocal Your first thought here may be the scene from When Harry Met Sally when Sally gives her best orgasm impression. Being vocal doesn't mean loud. It just means expressing your thoughts and feelings through sounds...


 August 11, 2022  55m

episode 7: What Is It Like To Be A Porn Star?

"Professionalism First

If making porn for a living is your job then it should come as no surprise to find that the industry is a very professional one which demands high standards from all involved.

Some research undertaken by BuzzFeed in 2017 in which the site quizzed employees at the adult video hosting service ManyVids revealed that this is something that surprises many people who are new to the industry...


 August 12, 2022  1h40m

episode 8: What is Secular Humanism?

"What Do Humanists Believe?

The Humanist Manifesto III provides a long list of humanist beliefs. (By the way, “manifesto” turned out to be a poor choice of words, since the term became associated with communism.) The first Humanist Manifesto was published in 1933. It has been updated twice since then.

Humanists believe a lot of the same things theists believe. Humanists believe that all humans are part of one human family...


 May 31, 2022  23m