Autism is my super blessing! I'm a high-school valedictorian, college graduate, world traveler, disability advocate. I'm a Unitarian Universalist. I'm a Progressive Liberal. I'm about equal rights, human rights, civil & political rights, & economic, social, &cultural rights. I do servant leadership, boundless optimism, & Oneness/Wholeness. I'm good naked & unashamed! I love positive personhood, love your neighbor as yourself, and do no harm! I'm also appropriately inappropriate! My self-ratings: NC-17, XXX, X, X18+ & TV-MA means empathy! I publish shows at 11am! Support this podcast:

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episode 93: The image of Free-thinking, free-loving, free-living, & free spirited Jesus is therapeutic to me.

“Omnism is the respect of or belief in all religion.[1][2] Those who hold this belief are called omnists. In recent years, the term has been resurfacing due to the interest of modern-day self-described omnists who have rediscovered and begun to redefine the term. Omnism is similar to syncretism, the belief in a fusion of faiths in harmony.[3] However, it can also be seen as a way to accept the existence of various religions without believing in all that they profess to teach...


 November 26, 2023  30m

episode 94: My life after childhood organized crime (11/25/2023)

I’ve seen people get beat to death during sex and I have seen some people get beat of death while raping their victims...


 November 26, 2023  34m

episode 95: I delight in being my own roommate (self-roommating), I am the best, greatest, roommate to me!

“A home, or domicile, is a space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for one or more human occupants, and sometimes various companion animals. It is a fully- or semi-sheltered space and can have both interior and exterior aspects to it.[vague] Homes provide sheltered spaces, for instance rooms, where domestic activity can be performed such as sleeping, preparing food, eating and hygiene as well as providing spaces for work and leisure such as remote working, studying and playing...


 November 26, 2023  35m

episode 96: Voluntarily childlessness also childfreeness or being childfree (11/27/2023)

“Voluntary childlessness, also called childfreeness or being childfree,[1][2] describes the voluntary choice not to have children. In most societies and for most of human history, choosing not to have children was both difficult and undesirable (except for celibate individuals)...


 November 28, 2023  46m

episode 97: The kingdom of my singledom

“What the Experts Say Psychologist Jenny Taitz sees singledom as a chance to figure out what you want from life. The extra time you have compared to people in relationships allows you to understand what you want and value. While you might think that people in relationships can do all that to understand themselves and pursue their dreams, the reality is that whatever they do in life has to consider someone else’s needs...


 November 28, 2023  1h40m

episode 98: My pet-freedom

“Eight Reasons Not to Get a Pet They require a lot of maintenance They're expensive to care for Allergies They create noise pollution They will damage to house and property You will lose freedom You will lose sleep They have a limited lifespan.” -Leonard Tillman --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 November 29, 2023  45m

episode 99: My life with unbelievers and nonbelievers

“Free Inquiry The first principle of democratic secular humanism is its commitment to free inquiry. We oppose any tyranny over the mind of man, any efforts by ecclesiastical, political, ideological, or social institutions to shackle free thought. In the past, such tyrannies have been directed by churches and states attempting to enforce the edicts of religious bigots...


 November 30, 2023  1h51m