Totally CRIT

An Infinity podcast from the UK

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episode 45: Totally CRIT: Farewell Announcement

James gives a short announcement about Totally CRIT


 2021-01-22  1m

episode 44: #54 Grinds My Gears

It's bank holiday in the UK , so we have another episode for you to , erm, enjoy... The whole CRIT Crew is back in CRIT Towers so we've got a real corker of an episode, with no holds barred and no punches pulled. 


 2020-08-31  2h49m

episode 43: #53 Its not you its your list

In this episode we have a special guest on in the form of Andy Roo aka Riker. Andy is a top painter and high ranked player as well as a thoroughly nice chap. We spend the episode continuing the recent theme of list building and how Andy has had success m...


 2020-06-27  1h27m

episode 42: #52 Lockdown

The lockdown episode is finally recorded as John and Rob sit down remotely to discuss Infinity. The show begins with a look at Code One and Operation Kaldstrom, the new rules and minis and first impressions. Then the focus turns to hobby under lockdown a...


 2020-05-30  1h6m

episode 41: #51 List Building

Troubling times for all of us. Here is another episode to help you through. In this episode John and Rob discuss the new hotness of Kaldstrom and Rob's excursion to the EIC. After which they break into the shows main segment on list building and the myri...


 2020-03-26  1h51m

episode 40: #50 Big Five Oh

Well CRITHeads. We've made it to the big five oh. 50 shows, 50,000 downloads. What a ride. In this episode John and Rob take a look back at their journey getting here, what they've liked and how the game is now. After which they look to the future and N4...


 2020-03-02  2h2m

episode 39: #49 Ye olde Christmas Countdown returns!

Ho ho ho, holla holla holla! It's Christmas Day and what's more festive than the traditional Totally CRIT countdown? So pop your feet up and relax, yeet the kidz, tune out your significant others, pour another glass of the bubbly and listen to another fi...


 2019-12-25  52m

episode 38: #48 The Defiance Special

Tally-ho CRITheads! This is episode 48 The Defiance Special. John and James are back discussing their experiences playing a prototype of Corvus Belli's wildly successful Defiance Kickstarter the sci-fi dungeon crawler set in the Infinity universe. They c...


 2019-11-16  42m

episode 37: #47 Power Creep

If there's one thing the CRIT crew are not shy of it's drinking beer if there are two things they're not shy of its controversial red button hot topics! And that's exactly what episode #47 is all about. John, James and Rob sit down to wag their chins and...


 2019-09-01  1h11m

episode 36: #46 Warcors Warparty

The CRIT Crew return after a brief hiatus to talk about the Warcors Warparty Satellite event that we attended at the end of June. John, Chris and Rob are in the hot seat discussing the event itself, including terrain and terrain rules, along with the mis...


 2019-07-17  2h29m