Totally CRIT

An Infinity podcast from the UK

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episode 36: #46 Warcors Warparty

The CRIT Crew return after a brief hiatus to talk about the Warcors Warparty Satellite event that we attended at the end of June. John, Chris and Rob are in the hot seat discussing the event itself, including terrain and terrain rules, along with the mis...


 2019-07-17  2h29m

episode 35: #45 Death from Above

It's time, it's time, it's Totally CRIT time! This is episode number 45 Death from Above where we discuss ITS season 10's trendiest deployment type Airborne Deployment. The Crew put their heads together to let you know how to best make use of this old In...


 2019-03-11  1h40m

episode 34: #44 Steel Phalanx - Do they Suck ASS

New year, new CRIT and for episode 44 it's time for the crew to settle the debate around Steel Phalanx and ask Do they suck ASS? Chris, James and John start the show with your regular dose of What the CRIT!? Which finds the trio discussing what they've b...


 2019-01-20  3h9m

episode 33: #43 Knives to a Gunfight

Well, guess who's back? Back again... It's Totally CRIT with a trio of trouble in the form of Chris, John and the returning Commander of CRIT James. We start the show with our usual round of What the CRIT. Where the boys discuss what they've been up to l...


 2018-11-11  2h50m

episode 32: #42 Scuttlebutt

They say it's better late than never, but then again who are "they"? Crazy people that's who. Totally CRIT is back, and if this episode feels like a throwback that's because it is! Recorded in August the gremlins have only just finished stitching it toge...


 2018-10-13  2h26m

episode 31: #41 All the CRIT

We are back to a triad for this episode as stalwarts John and Chris are once again joined by Rob, AKA Bobman. As ever we kick ...


 2018-07-21  2h24m

episode 30: #40 How Yuán-dùing?

Once again the inmates are running the asylum in episode 40 (yes forty) of Totally CRIT in "How Yuán-dùing?". John and Chris are once again trusted to ...


 2018-07-12  2h7m

episode 29: #39 Totally Noise

We have a special episode for you this time. At CRIT Towers we were thrilled when the guys at White Noise contacted us about a ...


 2018-06-06  1h32m

episode 28: #38 Duo

The CRIT Crew are down to a duo in this episode as John and Chris are let lose for an exgended 'What the CRIT'. After ...


 2018-05-18  2h17m

episode 27: #37 Crutch Time

This episode the CRIT Crew start as always with What the CRIT where we discuss our recent gaming escapades. We also talk a little bit ...


 2018-03-29  1h44m