Track Changes

What happens when software eats the world? Industry veterans Paul Ford and Rich Ziade chat with their friends about technology, design, and business from a distinctly East Coast point of view. Decades of experience inform their no-BS, quick-witted patter about what digital transformation really means. Created by Postlight, the digital product studio they co-founded in New York City

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Accountability Tools: Paul and Rich on how they stay on track

Paul and Rich discuss how they stay accountable both at home and at work



episode 193: Monetizing Your Brand: An interview with New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz joins Paul Ford to chat about influencer culture and social media marketing



Layers of Dirt: Paul and Rich on backlog driven development

Paul and Rich discuss bad and bloated software



Product-Led Growth: A conversation with Variance’s Noah Brier and James Gross

Noah Briar and James Gross break down why product-led growth (PLG) is the new and better way to make and sell software



 2019-10-22  26m

episode 189: Going Codeless: Is this the way of the future?

Paul and Rich discuss the necessity of programming and writing code in a world of increasing automation


 2019-10-15  32m

episode 188: Understanding Coders: A Conversation with Technology Writer Clive Thompson

Clive Thompson on coders and how they shape our society


 2019-10-08  31m

episode 187: Warning Signs: What to Look Out For When Working in the Tech Industry

Paul and Rich on how to keep projects and people on track


 2019-10-01  34m

Getting to the Heart of the Web Economy: A Look at the HiQ v. LinkedIn Lawsuit

Paul and Rich discuss the lawsuit and online ownership in the age of web scraping


 2019-09-24  34m

episode 185: That Will Never Work: A Conversation with Netflix Co-founder Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph on founding Netflix and how the company remained successful despite changing consumer habits


 2019-09-17  29m