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What happens when software eats the world? Industry veterans Paul Ford and Rich Ziade chat with their friends about technology, design, and business from a distinctly East Coast point of view. Decades of experience inform their no-BS, quick-witted patter about what digital transformation really means. Created by Postlight, the digital product studio they co-founded in New York City

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episode 266: Securing Access To Community and Capital: With Shelly Bell

Black Girl Ventures began with a tipi in Shelly Bell’s living room and a call to a psychic in California. Shelly Bell chats with Paul and Gina about how she went from building that tipi to building a platform that has now funded over 100 Black and Brown woman-led businesses. Shelly also shares what goes into a strong investor pitch and talks about the importance of giving honest feedback.


 2021-02-02  31m

episode 265: Getting Vaccinated: On the Design Barriers to Getting Your COVID Shot

The goal of the vaccine rollout is to first protect the most vulnerable in society. But what happens when the system keeps out those who need it most? Rich walks us through his frustrating experience navigating New York’s vaccine website. He breaks down the design barriers causing accessibility issues and offers fixes to reduce friction in the process.


 2021-01-26  30m

episode 264: Are Conspiracy Theories Just Bad Theories With Good UX?

The pandemic has made people crave simple, digestible information even when the information they need is not-so-simple. This week, Rich and Paul draw similarities to technology and the conspiracy theories that have mastered messaging and used it to spread harmful misinformation. How can we counter it? Tell a clear, simple story and tell it again and again. Links: QAnonGov. Cuomo shows off festive turkey mask for Thanksgiving


 2021-01-19  30m

episode 263: Was Storming the Capitol a Technology Issue?

Technology is an accelerator that helps people share ideas and connect. But last week, people in power used that same accelerator to harm others. Likely too little too late — but banning Trump from social platforms hugely impacts the spread of misinformation. This week, Paul and Rich break down the four hacks that contributed to dangerous conspiracy theories and discuss the laws that need to be put into place to protect the future...


 2021-01-12  35m

episode 262: WordPress and Beyond: With Matt Mullenweg

Since its beginning, WordPress has won the hearts and computers of millions. This week Paul and Gina are joined by WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg as he talks about the expansion of WordPress and his love for open source. He shares controversial opinions on open source and explains why we’ll all be headed there in the future.   Links:  Matt Mullenweg Twitter  Automattic  WooCommerce  Simplenote  Yoast  Chromium  Gutenberg 


 2021-01-05  43m

episode 261: Keep the Train Moving: On Digital Transformation at the MTA

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is North America’s most expansive mass transit system — and Postlight partnered to take it digital. This week, Gina Trapani and Chris LoSacco discuss shipping such a large and sprawling project, from the importance of engaging with stakeholders to furthering team leadership opportunities along the way. All aboard! Links:  MTA Case Study - Postlight


 2020-12-15  28m

episode 260: Pleasant Internet Things: On the Web That Makes Us Happy

It’s been a rough year — but the web still has Easter eggs, and tech is not all evil. This week, Paul and Rich briefly ignore 2020 to focus on the Pleasant Internet Things that bring them joy. From their favorite sites to their favorite tech, they share a few insights to help finish the year on a high note. Links: Poolside FM New York Times Election Distractor 


 2020-12-08  22m

episode 259: Managing Product in the Matrix: With Google’s Ben Wilson

A little while back we made gentle fun of Google’s hamburger menu. Well, Google responded! This week Paul and Rich sit down with Google’s Senior Director of Product Management, Ben Wilson, to discuss the hamburger menu and so much more. We chat about the importance of good research and why it’s vital to promote diversity in your teams. Also, Ben shares what it’s like designing product at such a large scale — think trillions of API calls a day...


 2020-12-01  37m

episode 258: Catalyst Live! Part 1: Turning Chaos Into Your North Star

In October, we released Catalyst, a Postlight whitepaper on driving digital transformation within an organization. This week we release the audio from our first of a four part presentation series on Catalyst. In this first live recording, we explain the importance of defining your mission, we share some industry trends and we answer all of your questions. Links:  Introducing Postlight’s New Whitepaper: Catalyst  Postlight - Careers


 2020-11-24  40m

episode 257: Revamping a Famous Monkey: On Mailchimp’s New Developer Space

A little while back Mailchimp approached Postight for some help. They wanted to improve their developer experience and rebrand their APIs. This week we are joined by two Postlight employees, Liz Tan and Adam Pash, who helped make that happen. They share their reflections on the process and talk about what it was like doing design and content strategy for such a well known and beloved company...


 2020-11-17  28m