Trash South Street

Louis Sessa and Jaime Z intrude the airwaves about indie, punk, hardcore, rock, hell, music in general. We review a couple of new albums, and then discuss a topic. Rainbows appear and babies are born. And maybe some vodka is drank.



Episode 8 - The Great Overrated Roundup of 2016

Lou and Jaime take that hour lost to daylight savings and transform in into audio gold (plate). We ramble on, as always, review some tunes (Julian Davis, Sensory Deprivation, Twin Peaks, The Crushtones, El Monstrino and...another one) then get to the business of pissing people off by discussion Overrated and Underrated bands



Episdoe 7 - Soundtraxxx

Lou and Jaime review "GlitterBUST" (yes, Bust and not DUST), "Wild Nothing", "Jucifer", "Gouge Away", "Church Girls", and "Off With their Heads". Favorite soundtracks and the finer points of cat gynecology are also discussed



Episode 6 - Lurve is in the Air

Lou and Jaime review Pears, Psychic Teens, Sheer Mag, Iggy Pop, and Sia. They wax poetic on Mr. Armstrong's appearance on the X-files, and discuss your creepy love songs and sicko musician crushes.



Episode 5 - First Concert Jawns

Concerts. We all have a first, even Lou and Jaime. We also find time to yammer about the Savages Hinds, David Maxim Micic, Metz, and Deep Creep,(note: the audio gets a little wonky for about a minute around 31:20. Hang in there, it's worth it).



Episdoe 4 - Bowie

In this very special Episode, we many talk about The Thin White Duke and his melancholy return to Mars. It begs the question: Why DOES Lou have a copy of the Labyrinth Soundtrack?



Episode 3 - Mew Year's Eve

Bleh. It's that magic time of year when everyone who interacts with social media is legally obligated to put together a "Best of the Year" list. Listen to Lou and Jaime talk about their "besties" of 2015 and talk about random nothingness.