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episode 609: I Welcome the Puddle

We review the current state of unreality in British politics, the supposed Musk war on Apple (not going well for Musk), a bit of Australian hooning reverie, and Hussein’s story about a grammar school bully making people drink water from a puddle to p...



episode 608: *PREVIEW* Britainology 50: British Australia (Live in Melbourne feat. Sanspants Radio)

For this month's second Britainology, we present a live recording of our show at Comedy Republic in Melbourne, Australia on November 19, 2022. We discuss the crimes that got people sent to Australia, the crimes they committed while there, and the pos...



episode 607: National Posting Service, Part 1 (feat. Mike Isaac)

This week, we're talking to Mike Isaac of the New York Times about Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter. And, let's be real, his desire to be loved, his insane right wing tendencies, the slow grinding of the platform into the ground, and the bizarre te...



episode 606: *UNLOCKED* Britainology 22: Grand Designs (feat. Alice Caldwell-Kelly)

This week, Alice joins Nate and Milo to discuss the British reality TV show 'Grand Designs,' in which insane people decide to sacrifice it all to build the house of their dreams. Does it sometimes go okay? Sure. But most of the time, it's a slow-moti...



episode 605: The Manned Ape of Heaven: TF Live in Melbourne feat. Naomi Higgins

This week’s episode is a recording of our live show at Comedy Republic in Melbourne, Australia on November 17 featuring comedian Naomi Higgins (@nomstrositi). We’ve found a particularly Australian real-estate startup that is making the world better b...



episode 604: *PREVIEW* Roko’s Modern Basilisk: the FTX Story feat. Molly White

This week’s bonus features the enormously knowledgeable Molly White (@molly0xFFF) explaining the Sam Bankman-Fried polycule, the collapse of crypto hub FTX, and so much more to Riley and Alice. We very much hope you enjoy this. Check out Molly’s blog...



episode 603: Second Life Finds A Way: TF Live in Melbourne feat. Tom Ballard

For this week’s free episode, we present to you: a horse-racing NFT metaverse startup, founded in Australia, that is definitely going places. We recorded this episode with special guest Tom Ballard (@TomCBallard) live at Comedy Republic in Melbourne,...



episode 602: *PREVIEW* Balthasar Speedboat: Canadian Ice Edition feat. Naomi Higgins and Emily Woods

Pure riffs, no plot: that's the Balthasar Speedboat promise. And for this week's bonus episode, we have comedians Naomi Higgins (@nomstrositi) and Emily Woods on the show. It's a pleasant sojourn into the deeply sexual world of the sport of curling--...



episode 601: The Canals of Neom: TF Live in Sydney feat. Tom Walker and Demi Lardner

Our friends Tom Walker and Demi Lardner are certified Neom-heads. They simply can't get enough of The Line. And as a result, we saved all the best Neom content we could in order to subject them to it at our live show at The Great Club in Marrickville...



episode 600: *PREVIEW* Take Your Uncle to Work Day feat. Nish Kumar

This week, we've brought comedian Nish Kumar on for his regular torture treatment: being forced to hear the plot of a British politician's thriller novel. In this case, it's Ian Duncan Smith's 'The Devil's Tune' and it's easily the worst of any of these...