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episode 360: TF: The College Years feat. Liv Agar

UK state media and its various grotesques have decided that the 'free speech crisis on campus' is more important than our abysmal covid death rate--and pretty much any other story in the media. To discuss this phenomenon, we've brought on friend of the s...


 2021-02-23  1h21m

episode 359: *PREVIEW* Neoliberal Test Kitchens feat. Shanti Singh

We've got Shanti Singh--housing activist, writer, and former Bernie campaign staffer--on to talk about the state of California -- why is it portrayed as such a far-left state, why is it actually so neoliberal, and what happens when its deranged tech lord...


 2021-02-19  10m

episode 358: England’s Other Public Health Crisis feat. Abigail Thorn

Abigail Thorn (@PhilosophyTube) joins the gang to discuss coming out as a trans woman in Britain, and to explore the psychological, historical, and political roots of transphobia. But first, a startup that is nearly whimsical in its stupidity! If you wan...


 2021-02-16  1h20m

episode 357: *PREVIEW* The Hanseatic Art World feat. Jessica Eaton

This week, a nearly complete cast of Riley, Milo, Nate, and Alice speak with Jessica Eaton, a fine art photographer working in Montreal. Why is it that the art world is basically a billionaire tax dodge? Why do certain hedge funds seem to have so much we...


 2021-02-12  10m

episode 356: Starmpocalypse Now

We managed to cobble together the entire cast in order to discuss three important things: first, Silicon Valley has reinvented the bus yet again. Next, Labour is simply falling apart, and their solution is: flag and troops. Finally, Toby Young wants to b...


 2021-02-09  1h19m

episode 355: *PREVIEW* Britainology 9: UK Rave Culture feat. UKRaveComments

Good lord, the Gen Xers of Britain are a special bunch. And man, do they love to reminisce in the YouTube comments. To discuss this phenomenon, and the culture surrounding it, we brought on TF techno expert Riley--as well as George, the creator of the @U...


 2021-02-03  10m

episode 354: The Feels in England

Britain continues to come crashing into contact with reality as the price of everything is going up, food rots in containers on both sides of the channel, and our entire political media ecosystem is wrapped in a spectacle of multilayered morality dramas ...


 2021-02-02  1h13m

episode 353: *PREVIEW* Line Go 170km feat. Seamus Malekafzali

We've brought on friend of the show and multiple returning champion Séamus Malekafzali to discuss Saudi Arabia's deranged new city -- Neom -- and the specific detail that they're going to make a perfectly linear city called The Line. Do you know what its...


 2021-01-29  10m

episode 352: The Labradoodle Fedayeen feat. Patrick Wyman

Our friend Patrick Wyman is back! And this week, after a brief jaunt down start up lane, we discuss the rapid radicalisation of the Anglo-American upper-middle class liberal, as they all seem to have gotten too much news recently. We've talked for ages i...


 2021-01-26  1h15m

episode 351: *PREVEW* In Case You Thought We'd Forgotten About Britain

This week's bonus features Riley, Milo, Nate, and Alice on the topic of, well, this stupid island. And a frozen treats startup, and the economy as dictated by the line, and much more.  Get the whole episode on Patreon here:


 2021-01-22  10m