comedy show about late stage capitalism fucking our lives up. acct run by @raaleh other cohosts are @HKesvani, @milo_edwards, @inthesedeserts, @AliceAvizandum and friends / line go down!

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episode 20: Delivering the Mail to Own the Libs: Unions, Feminism, Chuckles ft. Hannah Jewell

The garbagemen Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) are joined by leftist journalist and author Hannah Jewell (@HCJewell), whose new book 100 Nasty Women of History came out last week! We talk with her about labour organising an...


 2017-11-06  1h1m

episode 19: DumBe (ft. Phil Wang)

Another half sode this week pals... but this time, it's due to technical issues. My computer ate the second half. This was an episode we - Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) recorded with comedian Phil Wang (@PhilNWang) last month, and we bullshit ...


 2017-11-02  37m

episode 18: From Russia with Bugs: Dispatches from Sochi ft Ryan Broderick

Half ‘sode this week with your boys – Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani), sit down with Ryan Broderick (@Broderick), deputy global head of news at Buzzfeed and host of the Internet Explorer podcast to get a run down his experi...


 2017-10-24  37m

episode 17: Broken and Soiled: The Sex Robot Episode ft. Eleanor Penny

Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and Charlie (@cfppalmer) - we promise the triumphant return of Hussein (@HKesvani) next week - talk with writer and journalist and Novara senior editor, Eleanor Penny (@eleanorkpenny) about... *klaxons* sex robots! We...


 2017-10-17  1h6m

episode 16: Bonfire of the FOBT's (ft. Pierre Novellie and Matt Zarb-Cousin) Part 2

Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and, guest host Pierre (@pierrenovellie) conclude our marathon recording session with Matt Zarb-Cousin (@mattzarb), talking about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), the digital slot machines gracing every betting s...


 2017-10-13  1h0m

episode 15: Mayonnaise Meltdown (ft. Pierre Novellie and Matt Zarb-Cousin) Part 1

No Hussein (@HKesvani) or Charlie (@cfppalmer) this week; instead Riley (@Raaleh) and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Pierre Novellie (@pierrenovellie)... and Matt Zarb-Cousin (@mattzarb), an actual smart person (!) who shows for the second half of Pa...


 2017-10-11  1h4m

episode 14: Bullshit Jobs for Bullshit Industries (ft. Hussein Kesvani)

The garbagemen (@raaleh, @milo_edwards, @cfppalmer) sit down with Hussein Kesvani (@HKesvani) to talk about Bullshit Jobs - people taking abuse on Twitter for Virgin Rail while Rome burns. We also talk about a compurerised denim jacket you have to charge...


 2017-10-04  1h9m

episode 13: ASSFUTURE

Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and Olga (@rocknrolga) sit down for what is probably the least coherent episode we've ever recorded. We talk about the Bodega, which is a stupid start up that invented a vending machine in order to spread poverty arou...


 2017-09-21  55m

episode 12: Surreal Estate (ft. Aidan Jones)

Aidan (@AJ_Taco) joins (@raaleh) Riley and Milo (@milo_edwards) to chat real estate in London, the world's Worst Thing. Aidan has a show and a blog called The Abersham Flat (, detailing his experience living on the ...


 2017-09-12  1h5m

episode 11: Billionaire Boss Baby Brain Genius (ft Alex Kealy)

Holy wow it's another Edinburgh episode. This week we sit down with returning guest Alex Kealy to discuss... The SMALT. Perhaps the dumbest product yet for the biggest non problem yet. And then, after the break we read choice selections from a book calle...


 2017-09-06  1h24m