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Jeffrey Epstein’s VERY Fishy Demise, Little Women Trailer, Ben Shapiro Hates the Peasants, Is ‘Fredo’ the Italian N-Word?, ‘Kurbo’ Child Weight Loss App, Trump’s on a Roll, Facebook Admits to Eavesdropping on You, Good News About Sandwiches!

*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES  6:59  Ben Shapiro Hates the Peasants “Kurbo” Weight Loss App For Kids   JEFFREY EPSTEIN 39:04  *Content Warning: Child Sexual Assault + Suicide*   TRUMPDATE 51:10   TIDBITS...




Democratic Debates ROUND 2, Did Katy Perry Steal Her Songs?, Mario Lopez Anti-Trans and Anti-Women Comments, Did Antifa Vandalize Disney’s Trump Robot?, Vaping Causes Coma?, Alyssa Wong Comicsgate Debunk

*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:56 Did Katy Perry Steal a Song? Mario Lopez’s Very Bad Takes   DEMOCRATIC DEBATES 33:11   TIDBITS 1:11:11 Did Antifa Vandalize Disney Trump Robot? Alyssa Wong Comicsgate Debunk Wisconsin Man in...



Mueller Testifies, CATS Trailer, Is FaceApp a Russian Conspiracy?, Natalie Portman Will Be Thor, UK Tory Ad DEBUNKED, Equifax Pays For Data Breach, UK Has a New Prime Minister, Everything’s Coming up Affleck

*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES - 8:20   FaceApp – Harmless Fun or Russian PLOT? CATS Trailer Natalie Portman is “Mighty Thor!”   MUELLER TESTIMONY – 35:47   Or “MuellerDicks Roundup” Or “It’s Mueller Time”...



GUEST HOST-O-RAMA! Trump’s Racist Tweetstorm, Grimes’s Eyeball Removal Regimen, Will the Next 007 be a Black Woman?, Mike Pence’s Concentration Camp Visit, Jeffrey Epstein Update, Viral Area 51 Movement, Should We All Use They-Them Pronouns?, The Se

* T I M E C O D E S *   INTRO [With Kate Sloan] 0:29 It’s Kate! Roommates and Their Loud Sex Bevs Like These   SEGMENT 1 [With Mustin] 5:54 It’s Mustin! Trump’s Racist Anti-Squad Tweets New 007 Will Be a Black Woman?   SEGMENT 2...



Little Mermaid Casting Controversy, Trump’s Big Dumb Parade, US Women’s Soccer Team, Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive, Ice Cream Licker, Nintendo Announces New Console, Kinda... Weird Melania Statue, MORE Marianne Wiliamson Tweets, Swalwell Drops Out

* T I M E C O D E S *   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:15   US Women’s Soccer Team Ice Cream Licker Faced 20 Year Sentence?   DEEP DIVE – JEFFREY EPSTEIN 27:13   POLITICS ROUNDUP 53:48 Trump’s Military Parade Trump’s Coconut...


 2019-07-12  1h56m

Marianne Williamson Dramatic Reading, Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun, Democratic Debate No. 2, ‘Gamer Girl Bathwater,’ Charlottesville Car Killer Sentenced, Dalai Lama’s Douchey Take

BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:19 Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun   POLITICS ROUNDUP 17:46 Marianne Williamson Dramatic Reading Democratic Debate No. 2   TIDBITS 54:55 Dalai Lama’s Douchey Take Charlottesville Car Attacker Sentenced Gamer Girl...


 2019-07-05  1h7m

2020 Democratic Debate No. 1, Migrant Concentration Camps, Does CBD Cause Liver Damage?, Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Engaged?, Trumpdate, Mueller Subpoenaed to Testify, Tiffany Cabàn, Eric Trump Spat On

TIMECODES:   INTRO  BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:58 Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Engaged Does CBD Cause Liver Damage? POLITICS ROUNDUP 21:20 Migrant Concentration Camps Trumpdate Democratic Debate #1 Analysis TIDBITS 1:34:32 Mueller Subpoenaed to...


 2019-06-28  1h44m

F**k Max Landis, 2020 Democratic Debates, Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, To Impeach or Not to Impeach?, Stranger Things Kid’s Prank Show, Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson Twitter Madness, Harvard Refuses Parkland Survivor, Do Body Cams Solve Anything?

INTRO 0:27   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:48 Stranger Things Kid’s Ill-Advised Prank Show F**k Max Landis   POLITICS ROUNDUP 45:16 To Impeach or Not to Impeach? 2020 Democratic Debates Preview   TIDBITS 1:06:35 Harvard Refuses Parkland...


 2019-06-21  1h20m

Straight Pride Parade, YouTube vs Steven Crowder, Man Steals Kamala’s Mic, Creepy Pastor Kenneth Copeland, Trump’s Week, Joe Biden vis a vis the Hyde Amendment, Co-Host Media Recommendations

INTRO 0:32   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:35 YouTube vs. Steven Crowder Creepy Pastor Kenneth Copeland Straight Pride Parade   POLITICS ROUNDUP 56:26 Trumpdate Man Steals Kamala’s Mic Biden’s Take on Hyde Amendment   TIDBITS 1:13:23...


 2019-06-07  1h29m