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Tune in for the best amputation recovery and care tips for three legged pets, and their people. Hosted by the Tripawds Blogs community founders Jim & Rene, and spokesdog Wyatt Ray. Keep listening for interviews and informative discussions with veterinary surgeons, oncologists, rehab therapists and other specialist veterinarians as well as pet parents sharing their own amputation recovery experiences, treatment plans, and results for their own amazing three legged dogs and cats. Learn more and contact the hosts at

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episode 106: Remote Pet Cancer Care Consulting with Dr Rachel Venable

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #106: On this show we speak with Dr Rachel Venable about how pet cancer care consulting makes treatment more accessible than ever, for everyone. Dr. Venable is a Board Certified medical oncologist who obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Missouri. She completed her residency at the renowned CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center...



episode 105: Combination Therapy for Canine Cancer with Dr. Brooke Britton

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #105: On this episode we talk with Dr. Brooke Britton about combination therapy for dogs with osteosarcoma. Specifically, we discuss her monthly chemotherapy treatments with both Palladia and Carboplatin for Jake – a 14+ year old three legged German Shepherd mix...


 2021-10-08  33m

episode 104: Torigen Immunotherapy Vaccine: Hope for Pets with Cancer

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #104:  On this episode we talk with Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael Lucroy about the Torigen immunotherapy vaccine for pets with cancer. The Torigen vaccine is a therapeutic vaccine available from any veterinarian for dogs or cats with cancer.



 2021-05-28  35m

episode 103: Meet Two More Amazing Sporting Tripawds

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #103:  On this episode we share the stories of two Sporting Tripawds, Tara and Neon. Tara is the winner of the 2020 American Kennel Club ACE Award for Exemplary Companion dog. Her mom Mary Pat selected the Tripawds Foundation for her chosen charity, to which the AKC made a generous donation on her behalf for winning the award. Neon is a champion agility dog who's mom Penny informed Mary Pat about the Tripawds Foundation...


 2021-05-11  37m

episode 102: How Tripawd Meg Enjoys a Pain Free Life

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #102:  Tripawds Member Profile - Meet Tripawds blogger Clare Allen and learn how her three-legged "Meg-A-Star" loves life on three legs for the past five years thanks to regular canine rehab with her physiotherapist Phillipa Mitchell.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Meg's Tripawds Blog:

UK Canine Rehab with Dr. Philippa Mitchell:


 2021-05-09  41m

episode 101: Get the Facts about CBD for Pets with Veterinary Cannabis Education

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #101:  Learn the truth about CBD and the use of cannabis products for pets. Discover what Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting does for pet parents, veterinarians, and the entire pet community.

Discover how effective cannabis is for pain management and for treating other conditions, such as  navigating new situations/environments...


 2021-05-09  45m

episode 100: Tripawds Allowed to Compete in AKC Obedience

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #100:  Meet Ari, a Tripawd Changing the Game for AKC Dogs in AKC Obedience games.

On this 100th episode of Tripawd Talk Radio, Rene and Jim share the story of Ari and her mom Carolyn who rocked the obedience world with a successful campaign to allow amputee dogs to compete in AKC events.

GUESTS: Carolyn Baynes & Ari, with Diane Schultz, American Kennel Club Sr...


 2021-02-16  28m

episode 99: Prosthetics for Tripawds: Live Q&A with Drs. Sherman and Debra Cannapp

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #99: For this episode we are sharing the full Live Q&A segment from our webinar with Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp of Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group, recorded in November, 2020.

Watch Episode Video:


 2021-01-13  1h9m

episode 98: Tripawds & Prosthetics: How to Care for Our 3-legged Friends

Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #98: For this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio, we are honored to share the complete lecture segment from a RACE-approved CE webinar with Dr Sherman Canapp of Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group, recorded in November, 2020.

Watch Episode Video for Presentation Slides:


 2021-01-13  57m

episode 97: Canine Rehab on Demand for Tripawds

Tripawds Podcast Episode #97: Learn how you can get a professionally designed rehab program for front or rear leg amputee dogs that you can perform at home, to keep Tripawds fit and strong. Introducing Canine Rehab on Demand from Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner Dr John Waterhouse, CCRP at Veterinary Teaching Academy.

Watch this video on the Tripawds Youtube Channel:


 2021-01-11  26m