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The Tropical MBA Podcast aims to show you the inside story of the people who are building "micro-multinational" businesses while they travel the world. We are interested in entrepreneurship, travel, internationalization, and personal freedom. Join 1,000's of listeners from all around the world, every Thursday morning.



      TMBA463: The Tao of the Hustle Redux

      A few years ago, Dan and Ian published an episode of this podcast called The Tao of the Hustle. - In the years since we still receive frequent questions and comments about our opinions on hustle and entrepreneurship that we shared in that episode.



      TMBA462: A Conversation with Michael Lombardi

      Dan and Ian are always looking for new ways to gain insight into entrepreneurship, and sometimes that insight can come from some unexpected places. - Michael Lombardi is an American Football executive and analyst.



      TMBA461: The 40% Rule

      If you've been listening to this podcast for a while, you would know that one of the major motivations for Dan and Ian in life is creating the freedom to live life on your own terms. - That freedom can mean a lot of different things to a lot of diffe...



      TMBA460: Are We Being Honest About the True Cost of Bootstrapping a Business?

      Today we are examining a discussion that Dan and Ian have been having behind the scenes of this podcast for years. - These conversations revolve around a question that everyone who is considering an entrepreneurial lifestyle needs to hear: What are th...



      TMBA459: The State of Bitcoin

      Dan and Ian have spoken about cryptocurrencies before, and they have certainly been a divisive topic among the listeners of this show. - The fact is that cryptocurrencies aren't going away. If you're interested in your financial future and really want...



      TMBA458: Five Reasons You Won’t Be an Entrepreneur Next Year

      Dan and Ian have been around the block a few times, and in that time they have seen many entrepreneurs come and go. - What many don't understand is that the majority of entrepreneurial success stories don't happen overnight. -


       2018-09-13  37m

      TMBA457: Why Does Everyone Talk About Revenue and Not Profit?

      A few weeks ago, Dan and Ian published an episode of this podcast about The Peter Principle, which is the idea that everyone will more or less rise to the level of their own incompetence. - Today, we are talking about a different principle.


       2018-09-06  36m

      TMBA456: An Episode For Those Who Need a Business Idea Redux

      One of Dan and Ian 's favorite topics to discuss on this show is business ideas. - In particular, they love brainstorming new business ideas with the listeners of this podcast. - Coming up with a great business idea doesn't come naturally for all of ...


       2018-08-30  36m

      TMBA455: The Rise of Audiobooks and a Giveaway

      Every week, for over 450 episodes, Dan and Ian talk on this podcast about business, entrepreneurship, and location independence. - They do so because they love creating and consuming audio content. - It's no wonder then that when Dan finally wrote h...


       2018-08-23  26m

      TMBA454: What Does Your City Whisper?

      Dan and Ian have spent many hours on this show talking about location and in particular the cities that location-independent entrepreneurs choose to live in. - A little while ago, Dan read an article called Cities and Ambition by Paul Graham which th...


       2018-08-16  42m