Troublesome Terps

Troublesome Terps is a roundtable-style podcast covering topics from interpreting space and the wider world of languages. The hosts - Jonathan Downie, Alexander Gansmeier & Alexander Drechsel - discuss them amongst themselves or with high-profile guests from the industry.

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Episode 38: Interpreting for the EU

Interpreting for the large political institutions of this world is quite separate from working on the freelance market. This is why in this episode, the Troublesome Terps take an extra close look at how working for the European Union really is. From the requirements, the scheduling, the different topics (and the lack of invoicing!), this is an episode stuffed to the brim with know how, insights and nuggets covering everything you ever wanted to know about being an interpreter at the EU.


 2019-07-18  1h33m

Episode 37: English as Lingua Franca, with Karin Reithofer

Everybody can English - or: a story of ELFs and BSE! English is generally recognized as the number one language around the world, both in the world of business as well as for general communication purposes...


 2019-06-20  1h13m

Episode 36: Interpreting - This is a Woman's World

While the Troublesome Terps have covered gender in interpreting before already, it is a topic that will never not be relevant. For this reason, Sarah Hickey - conference interpreter and professional researcher at Nimdzi Insights - is joining us this episode to discuss the ‘feminisation’ of conference interpreting from female interpreters' perspectives. An interesting, well researched and entertaining look into the gender dynamics of the profession!


 2019-05-22  1h12m

Episode 35: Talking business with Florian Faes of

Sometimes it feels like language professionals forget that they are just that - professionals with a business "attached" to them. While being a wordsmith or having "a way with words" is perfectly fine, the economic elements must not be forgotten. Enter Florian Faes, co-founder and managing director of, the language industries biggest (and only?) business focused one-stop-news-shop...


 2019-04-17  1h12m

Episode 34: The Crystal Ball of Interpreting

In this "back to the roots" episode of the Troublesome Terps, Jonathan and the Alexes take a look in their crystal ball and have a discussion about what the future of the interpreting market could look like, that might be considered controversial...


 2019-03-20  56m

Episode 33: Exchanging thoughts with Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux

Interpreting and translation are two sides to the same coin - or so they say...


 2019-02-20  1h21m

Episode 32: Our year 2018 in review

2018 was truly another blockbuster year for the Troublesome Terps. Not only did was our first - and certainly not last - live event in London a bonafide hit (thanks to all the supporters and attendees!), as always we covered a wide range of different and super interesting topics this year...


 2019-01-24  1h21m

Episode 31: The 2018 Live Event

It finally happened. The three Troublesome Terps got together for their very first live event at The Roebuck pub in London! With almost 40 guests, we discussed two topics. First, we covered the topic of "Lies We Tell Clients". These "untruths" cover many different aspects, whether it's changing your quote for the umpteenth time or whether it's telling the client that "of course" you already have a team in waiting, although all your "usual suspects" are already booked...


 2018-12-20  1h10m

Episode 31: Alex and Alex do London Met

When in Rome - or London as it were - why only settle for one live event when you can have two? On November 17th, hours before the big podcasting event at The Roebuck, the two Alexes were invited by Danielle D'Hayer, course leader of the MA Conference Interpreting at London Metropolitan University, to join her and a group of students in their language lab for a lively Q&A session...


 2018-12-10  1h48m

Episode 29: Aline Casanova in the Feedback Loop

Giving and receiving feedback is a crucial part of not only becoming an interpreter, but also continuously improving yourself, your business habits and your interpreting skills. Aline Casanova and some brave fellow interpreters joined forces and introduced the world to InterpretimeBank, a platform by and for interpreters. InterpretimeBank is for honing your skills, as well as giving and receiving feedback from a feedback partner...


 2018-11-27  56m