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How to Improve Digestion with Ayurveda

  Charlie: You are what you eat, or so goes the old saying. Lisa Bracken joins us from Tulsa Spine & Rehab with a twist on that maxim. She’s your Ayurveda specialist at Tulsa Spine & Rehab, and she says,…


 2020-07-26  11m

How to Improve Respiratory Health

Charlie: There’s a lot to deal with these days, it seems more than ever. And it’s especially important time to take a deep breath, which may be easier for some than others. And Lisa Bracken is joining us today to…


 2020-07-14  9m

How to Establish an Ayurvedic Routine

  Charlie: What do you do when your world comes off its hinges? It’s a lesson we’ve all had to grapple with when stay at home became the norm. Even as we return and get moving again, finding our footing…


 2020-07-02  12m

Treating Plantar Fasciitis at Tulsa Spine and Rehab

You put your foot down and it ouch, it hurts. Could it be plantar fasciitis? Let’s find out what it is first of all, what you can do about it by talking with Dr. Sean Riley who is with of…


 2020-03-26  12m

Why does my back hurt after waking up?

Of all the topics that we cover at Tulsa Spine and Rehab, the number one topic we get questions about, morning back pain. What causes it, what can you do about it? And to get answers to those questions and…


 2020-03-18  10m

High Intensity Laser Therapy with CureWave

When you think laser do you think superhero or danger or something? Well guess what? Lasers are a great way to get rid of pain. And to learn more about that, we’re going to talk with Dr. Riley from Tulsa…


 2020-03-11  8m

What are the best exercises to do at home?

If you’ve heard Dr. Riley say once that you should work out at home, you’ve heard it a million times. But are all workout exercises good for you? We’ll find out right now by talking to him. With Dr. Sean…


 2020-03-04  9m

Progress Check: Did You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s practically an annual tradition for us to make a New Year’s resolution just to see it fizzle out a couple months later. We often hear people talk about dieting, exercising, and even quitting smoking. Is there a secret when…


 2020-03-02  n/a

What is a Tulsa Spine and Rehab Roadmap?

When you set on a destination, it’s best to have the end in mind, a roadmap. That’s how you get somewhere and that’s how Dr. Riley gets you moving and into a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Riley joins us. Sean, tell…


 2020-01-31  7m

What mattress is best for your back?

Where did you sleep last night? Question is what did you sleep on? your mattress? Because it has a big effect on how you feel the rest of the day. And for advice on one that will treat you right…


 2020-01-23  7m