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What mattress is best for your back?

Where did you sleep last night? Question is what did you sleep on? your mattress? Because it has a big effect on how you feel the rest of the day. And for advice on one that will treat you right…



Is Chiropractic Treatment Good For Kids?

You think chiropractic treatments and you think of somebody older or maybe an athlete but do you think of kids? You should, because that’s a kind of patient that Dr. O’Reilly sees frequently. Hi Dr. O’Reilly. Should kids see a…



You Are What You Eat – Learn More About Ayurvedic Medicine

You are what you eat. It’s so true and now Tulsa Spine and Rehab has added a new dimension to its integrated care that takes you down that path. We’re joined by Dr. Sean O’Reilly. Hi, Sean. I am doing…



A Look Back at 2019

As our year winds down, it’s time to look back and take stock over your year, the things you’ve accomplished. Dr. Sean Riley joins us today with a look back at some of the things that have been added to…


 2019-12-12  10m

Combating Rising Healthcare Costs With Prevention

According to a recent article, Americans are facing rapidly rising costs for healthcare and spending more money than ever due to back-related pain. Last year, $82 Billion was spent on treating low back pain and around 84% of people will…


 2019-11-11  n/a

Treating and Preventing Pregnancy Related Symptoms

Quite a few folks are actually surprised to learn that pregnant women are patients here at Tulsa Spine and Rehab. In fact, many healthy, active women become pregnant and come to realize that there is a multitude of beneficial treatment…


 2019-11-04  n/a

What is maintenance care?

When you begin therapy, the question’s in the back of your mind, “How long do I have to do this?” One of the hallmarks of Tulsa Spine and Rehab is that we have a graduation focus. We want to not…


 2019-07-29  6m

Post Fusion Treatment and Therapy

Fusion surgery is not an end. It’s a beginning. It’s a beginning of a healing process, and that healing process will probably take you to Dr. Sean Riley at Tulsa Spine and Rehab. Dr. Riley, I know you’ve had a…


 2019-07-22  8m

The Risk of Early Specialization in Sports

Focus brings results in life, especially in sports, you focus, you get further. But more focus can also bring consequences, especially where young athletes are concerned. What’s the risk of early specialization?


 2019-07-15  8m

What is Sports Medicine? – Athlete Help

You’re active in sports, so that means, there’s going to come a time when you need some sports medicine. But what exactly does that entail? And how can you get some help at Tulsa Spine & Rehab, well Dr. Sean…


 2019-07-08  4m