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Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit www.tumblepodcast.com for more information and educational content.


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episode 1: The Worst Sounds in the World

What are the worst sounds in the world? Lots of noises that can send your hands rushing to cover your ears, but only a select can be the most horrible! Fortunately, one brave acoustic scientist named Trevor Cox decided to find out, by asking hundreds of thousands of people to rank the worst of the worst sound...



Tumble Season 7 Starts September 17!

Tumble's seventh season is coming at you THIS FRIDAY! Here's a little taste of what's in store. 

While you're waiting, why don't you share Tumble with a friend instead of anxiously refreshing your podcast app all week? Just send them your favorite Tumble episode, show them how to subscribe on their phones, or even share a link to our website where we have lots of educational resources! We'll thank you now, and your friend will thank you later...



What's Inside of An Atom? [ENCORE]

We’re only two weeks away from starting our new season, with all new episodes, on September 17! We’re putting the finishing touches on the first episode as we speak, and we can’t wait to share it with you. But for now, enjoy one of our most favorite episodes about what everything in the universe is made of.

What are protons, neutrons, and electrons made out of? That’s what listener Xander wants to know...



The Poop Collector [ENCORE]

Tumble will return with all new episodes for Season 7, starting September 17! In the meantime, enjoy one of our favorite episodes of Season 6. 

If someone asked you to collect your poop every day for a year, would you say yes? That’s what microbiologist Lawrence David did, after watching a movie about a man who said yes to everything. Accepting the challenge led to a year of very stinky international adventures, turning Lawrence into the James Bond of poo...


 2021-08-20  19m

Science Pirates Road Trip

Arrrrr! Join two of our favorite pirates on an adventure across the seven seas of science. In this ocean-themed road trip compilation, you'll hear a bunch of our favorite ocean episodes. Whether it's going on a deep-sea expedition with the JOIDES resolution, attending the largest whale shark party in the world, or collecting whale snot with tiny robots, this episode will take you all over the world's oceans...


 2021-08-06  1h19m

Tumble Presents: Yoga Kids Adventure

Tumble Media has a new podcast, Yoga Kids Adventure! Lindsay and Marshall share why we decided to make a yoga podcast for kids, and how to use the show! Then, try out our first episode. It's a trip to the beach! 

With Yoga Kid Adventures, you can do yoga from anywhere! All you need is your ears, your imagination, and a safe place to move. In today’s adventure, we’ll salute the sun, splash in the waves, and spot some ocean animals...


 2021-07-23  17m

Yoga Kids Adventure - A new yoga podcast from Tumble Media!

From the makers of Tumble, meet Yoga Kids Adventure - the first ever yoga podcast for kids! Lindsay and Marshall give a sneak of our brand new yoga podcast in this mini-episode.

Yoga Kids Adventure host and kids’ yoga teacher Kathryn invites young yogis to join her on creative journeys through movement. Stretch out with a morning swim at the beach, or calm your body before bedtime in a cozy bear cave...


 2021-07-16  2m

Time Machine Animal Safari

How did some animals start to walk on land? Why were dinosaurs so huge? What did our primate ancestors look like? Let’s dive into this special road-trip edition of Tumble, a safari through animal evolution. Your tour guides have put together some of their favorite episodes about evolution and their time traveling jeep will take you waaaaaaay back in time...


 2021-07-09  1h19m

episode 20: The Volcano Eruption Adventure [ENCORE]

Would you fly to the top of a volcano that’s about to erupt at any moment? Volcanologist Helena Buurman did, and survived to tell the tale! In 2008, Helena was monitoring Mount Redoubt in Alaska, when the ground beneath the volcano began to shake. What follows is a tale of volcanic adventure, involving earthquakes, helicopters, and a massive eruption!

Tumble is on our summer break right now, working on some exciting new projects...


 2021-06-25  17m

episode 19: How To Be a Helping Scientist

How can science help people? Charita Castro is a scientist who’s spent her life using science to make kids’ lives better, all over the world. When she was little, she saw something that made her ask a big question: “Why don’t other kids have what I have?” She decided to dedicate her life to helping other people. But she didn’t know how until she discovered social science...


 2021-06-11  20m