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A Common Sense Selection! Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit www.tumblepodcast.com for educational content.


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episode 2: Moving to Mars? - Life Lab, Pt 2

Should we make the move to Mars? And how would we live there? Join us as we pack our bags for Mars with the help of synthetic biology. We’ll find out how astronauts could grow their own food, medicine, and even building materials on the Red Planet. But when Lindsay and Marshall start to disagree about moving to another planet, some tricky questions threaten the mission…

Welcome to Life Lab! This is the first part of our five part series about how tiny life can change our world...



episode 1: More Cheese, Please - Life Lab Pt. 1

What does cheese have to do with technology? What does engineering have to do with biology? And why should we know about it? We’ll slice into these questions to get a taste of what synthetic biology is, how it's already in our lives, and how it got there. 

Welcome to Life Lab! This is the first part of our five part series about how tiny life can change everything...



Tumble Season 8 Starts September 16!

Season 8 of Tumble begins September 16 with a special, five-part series called “Life Lab.” Life Lab will explore the incredible power of a new technology you probably haven’t heard of. This technology could solve some of the biggest challenges on our planet, and beyond. But with great power, comes great responsibility. We’ll be asking important questions about whether it could - or should - change our future...



The Biggest Space Telescope in the Universe (UPDATE!)

Hear sounds created from images by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, in this updated episode! The biggest space telescope in the universe had a busy summer, wowing us with incredible images of the cosmos like we've never seen before. But it took a lot of work to get there! Learn about it in this episode, originally released in December 2021.

Hear more Webb sound here. 

Watch the launch here. 

See Webb's first images here...



Dinosaur Road Trip Adventure

Join Marshall for our final Road Trip adventure of the summer, as we travel back to the age of the dinosaurs! We'll be sharing a bunch of our favorite episodes about everyone's prehistoric creatures...


 2022-08-19  1h10m

Tumble Presents: Cereal

Tumble presents one of our favorite podcasts from RTÉjr Radio: Cereal! 

Deception, Mystery and so much more in “Cereal” RTÉjr Radio’s (not really) True Crime Podcast for all the family. Picture the scene. A brand new TV talent show for kids called “The Novice”. Middle Grade students battle it out to get funding and promotion for their mini company on the national stage...


 2022-08-05  23m

Road Trip: Journey to the Center of Your Brain

Join Marshall on a fantastic adventure to the center of the human brain. In this road trip adventure pack, we've put together four classic episodes of Tumble for your listening enjoyment. Learn all about the wonders of the human brain in these episodes: 

  • Do Dreams Have Meaning? (20min)
  • Why Words? How we learn language (16min)
  • The Magic Memory Molecule (20min)
  • The Science of Colors

Dive deep, and enjoy this selection of great episodes...


 2022-07-22  1h5m


Since Lindsay and Marshall are on a break for the summer, we thought we'd share with you one of our favorite other podcasts! We present to you: Tai Asks Why. 

Fifteen-year-old Tai Poole won’t rest until he’s uncovered the mysteries of the universe, one probing question at a time. In Season 4 of his Webby-winning podcast, Tai talks to everyone from NASA scientists to stand-up comedians to his equally curious little brother...


 2022-07-08  30m

A Special Culinary Road Trip Adventure!

Join Marshall out to eat as we share this special road trip fun pack of Tumble episodes having to do with food! This collection of five classic Tumble episodes includes: 

  • The Science of your Favorite Foods
  • The Tale of the Hungry Koala
  • The Science of Smell
  • The Bacteria Cookbook
  • The Jack O’Lantern Science Mystery

Buckle up and enjoy this great selection of episodes...


 2022-06-24  1h23m

episode 17: What If Oceans Didn't Exist?

What would Earth be like if our oceans never existed? That’s what Charlie wants to know! We recruit Earth detective Lucia Perez-Diaz to help us track down clues hidden within our planet’s rocks. Our investigation takes us through the mysteries of how water got on Earth, the giant plates moving beneath our feet, and why our oceans are shaped the way they are. Lucia’s also an illustrator, and will draw us an Earth without oceans. What will it look like? Listen to find out...


 2022-06-10  18m