Twenty Thousand Hertz

A lovingly crafted podcast that reveals the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

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episode 16: The Wilhelm Scream

A history of the most iconic scream in movie history that you’ve definitely heard, but might not have heard of.


 2017-05-30  21m

episode 15: Voice Acting

Who are the voices behind our favorite cartoon characters and commercials? Take a look behind-the-scenes of voice acting.


 2017-05-16  21m

episode 14: Hearing Loss

As we age our hearing naturally diminishes, but what other factors are causing our hearing to disappear? Plus, take an informal hearing test.


 2017-05-02  22m

episode 13: The Good, the Bad & the Irritating

Ever wonder why certain sounds make us cringe while others are soothing? Find out why we consider some sounds “good” and some “bad”.


 2017-04-18  22m

episode 12: Foley

What is Foley and how does it make our movie listening experience more realistic?


 2017-04-04  18m

episode 11: Space

What do other planets in our solar system sound like to our ears?


 2017-03-21  23m

episode 10: Dolls That Talk... And Some That Listen

Why have humans been so fascinated in re-creating toy versions of ourselves? Talking dolls have been around for over 100 years. Take a look at the evolution of how that came to be… and why they are so creepy.


 2017-03-07  15m

episode 9: Cars

Discover how car companies are enhancing every aspect of your vehicle’s sound to provide the ultimate driving experience.


 2017-02-21  15m

episode 8: Audio Descriptions

Ever wonder how the visually impaired are able to enjoy their favorite movies? Discover how technology has been able to make this possible.


 2017-02-07  13m

episode 7: Movie Soundtrack

What goes into making a movie soundtrack? Take a look behind the scenes with the sound designers that make your movies sound perfect.


 2017-01-24  15m