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TWiT Bit 2891: Alexa Pi Preview

Now you too can make your very own Amazon Echo!


 2016-08-04  10m

TWiT Bit 2890: 2016 Young Ham of the Year: Skyler Fennell

Skyler Fennell joins the hosts of Ham Nation to discuss his new title as Young Ham of the Year: 2016


 2016-08-04  13m

TWiT Bit 2889: Bandit Six

Take to the skies with this Carboard VR game known as Bandit Six.


 2016-08-04  1m

TWiT Bit 2888: Surviving at Black Hat

Big announcements from Black Hat


 2016-08-04  8m

TWiT Bit 2887: Mario in a Pith Helmet

Spelunky is free this month via Games with Gold!


 2016-08-03  3m

TWiT Bit 2886: Samsung Announces The Galaxy Note 7

Florence Ion's impressions of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


 2016-08-03  13m

TWiT Bit 2885: DARPA Wants Software to Defend Itself

The Cyber Grand Challenge at DefCon


 2016-08-03  8m

TWiT Bit 2884: LastPass' Firefox Vulnerability

Security vulnerabilities and fixes for the Firefox add-on of LastPass.


 2016-08-03  9m

TWiT Bit 2883: 1 Billion iPhones Sold

Apple's billionth iPhone is a rare milestone.


 2016-08-03  2m

TWiT Bit 2882: Samsung Unpacked 2016 Preview

The Note 7 has a load of new features and Leo, Jason, & Ron discuss what they liked and didn't like.


 2016-08-02  11m