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TWiT Bit 2724: Apple's Differential Privacy in iOS 10

Allowing for 'deep learning' without sacrificing user privacy.


 2016-06-15  10m

TWiT Bit 2723: Hackers And The Value of Data Breaches

Hacker "Peace" has another 51 million account credentials to sell.


 2016-06-15  9m

TWiT Bit 2722: Facebook Wants to Help Stop Suicide

New tool from Facebook lets you report your friends if you think they're going to commit suicide


 2016-06-15  6m

TWiT Bit 2721: Apache Cassandra Overview

Patrick McFadin is the Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra


 2016-06-14  3m

TWiT Bit 2720: New iMessage, but Not for Android

Apple announces new iMessage features at WWDC.


 2016-06-14  2m

TWiT Bit 2719: Wayin

Scott McNealy's current project Wayin


 2016-06-14  4m

TWiT Bit 2718: iOS 10 Messenger Features

Stickers, tap to replace words with emoji, iMessage apps, Tapback, Invisible ink


 2016-06-14  10m

TWiT Bit 2717: Google's Motion Stills

Motion Stills is a pilot from Google that brings Apple Live Photos back to life


 2016-06-14  2m

TWiT Bit 2716: Home Automation Integration and Security

What home automation system to build into a new home.


 2016-06-13  7m

TWiT Bit 2715: The Creator of Twitter's "Fail Whale"

Yiying Lu, the artist behind Twitter's "Fail Whale," talks with Leo Laporte and Jason Calacanis.


 2016-06-12  14m