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S13E16 – Owls

This week we’ve been re-installing Ubuntu 20.04. Following WWDC, we discuss Linux Desktop aspirations, bring you some command line love and go over all your wonderful feedback. It’s Season 13 Episode 16 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope,



S13E15 – Vertical chopsticks

This week we’ve been helping HMRC and throwing a 10th birthday party. We discuss “Rolling Rhino”, split personality snaps, UBPorts supporting Project Treble devices, ZFS on Ubuntu 20.04 plus our round-up from the tech news.



S13E14 – Ace of spades

This week we’ve been playing Command & Conquer. We discuss your recent feedback about snaps and Ubuntu rolling release. Then we bring you some command line love and go over the rest of your wonderful feedback. It’s Season 13 Episode… Read more ›



S13E13 – Killing an albatross

This week we’ve become Sudoku masters and made Ubuntu MATE images for the Raspberry Pi. We discuss Pine64 announcing the PineTab, plus launching a new OS for PinePhone, the Ubuntu Appliance Portfolio announcement, what Ubuntu Certified device are,



S13E12 – Red sky in the morning

This week we’ve been shaving our face and finding new monitors in unexpected places. We discuss if Ubuntu should become a rolling release, bring you a GUI love and go over all your wonderful feedback. It’s Season 13 Episode 12… Read more ›



S13E11 – Inside out clothes

This week we’ve been making podcasts and porting games to Scratch. We discuss Mint breaking Chromium, possible new features in Groovy Gorilla, GNOME defeating a patent troll, ZFS on Ubuntu, microk8s coming to Windows and macOS and Lenovo shipping Ubunt...


 2020-06-04  30m

S13E10 – Hospital on Wednesdays

This week we have been teaching our children to build a PC. We discuss where in the world people talk about Ubuntu, bring you some command line love and go over a bumper crop of your wonderful feedback! It’s Season… Read more ›


 2020-06-01  48m

S13E09 – Breaking mirrors

This week we’ve been getting older and adding plugins to OBS Studio. We discuss Ubuntu being certified on the Raspberry Pi, Unity Remix, if Microsoft should buy Canonical and WSL getting GUI app support. We also round up our pick… Read more ›


 2020-05-29  35m

S13E08.5 – When a broken clock chimes

We announce the Ubuntu Podcast crowd-funder on Patreon and why, after 13 years, we are seeking your support. It’s Season 13 Episode 8.5 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain. In… Read more ›


 2020-05-28  5m

S13E08 – Black cats

This week we’ve been live streaming on YouTube. We discuss upgrading home networks and optimising power line adapters, WiFi and broadband connections. A bumper crop of network-related command line love and all your wonderful feedback.


 2020-05-20  39m