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S13E07 – Jumping over children

This week we’ve been making a New Show and playing Ring Fit Adventure. We discuss Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu popularity and Canonical profitability, Ubuntu Core security audit, Groovy Gorilla is coming, Ubuntu Studio switches to KDE,


 2020-05-12  34m

S13E06 – The bride before the wedding

This week we’ve been playing DOOM 64 and discuss what’s new in Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS. We bring you some command line lurve and go over all your wonderful feedback. It’s Season 13 Episode 06 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan… Read more ›


 2020-05-02  36m

S13E05 – The Scottish Play

This week we’ve be stoving in people’s heads with spades and buying tablets. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is out! We discuss GNOME Shell UX plans, the GNOME extension for Snapcraft, Ubuntu on LinuxONE mainframes and a new release of Mir. We… Read more ›


 2020-04-25  33m

S13E04 – Indoor umbrellas

This week we’ve been playing virtual board games. We discuss the new generation of Linux phones, bring you some command line love and go over all your wonderful feedback. It’s Season 13 Episode 04 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope,… Read more ›


 2020-04-21  35m

S13E03 – Spilling salt

This week we’ve been auditing Thinkpads and making beta releases of Ubuntu. We round up some of what’s new in the Ubuntu flavours Focal Fossa beta releases and discuss stories from the tech world. It’s Season 13 Episode 03 of… Read more ›


 2020-04-12  33m

S13E02 – Walking under ladders

This week we’ve been live streaming Ubuntu development and replacing VirtualBox with Bash. We discuss Mark’s new Linux Steam PC set-up, bring you some musical command-line love and go over all your feedback! It’s Season 13 Episode 02 of the… Read more ›


 2020-04-05  38m

S13E01 – Thirteen

This week the band is back together. We’ve been bringing new life into the universe and interconnecting chat systems. Distros are clad in new wallpapers, Raspberry Pi’s are being clustered with MicroK8s and the VR game industry has been revolutionsed.


 2020-03-29  36m

S12E36 – Desert Strike

This week we’ve been making a low latency point-to-point game streaming application, discuss what it takes to create each Ubuntu distro release, bring you some command line love and go over the last of your feedback for 2019. It’s Season… Read more ›


 2019-12-12  47m

S12E35 – Feud

This week we’ve been talking to the BBC about Thinkpads and Ubuntu goes Pro. We round up the news from the Ubuntu community and discuss our picks from the wider tech news. It’s Season 12 Episode 35 of the Ubuntu… Read more ›


 2019-12-06  40m

S12E34 – Buggy Boy

This week we’ve been in Vancouver and planning for Ubuntu 20.04. We respond to all your distro hopping feedback and bring you a command line love. It’s Season 12 Episode 34 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and… Read more ›


 2019-11-28  48m