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Ep.123 The Unknown

We are joined tonight by our guest Monica from the State of Kentucky, sharing with us some UFO sightings she witnessed with other family members, followed by many paranormal events in her life when she was a child. And a brief but strange encounter...


 2021-08-09  46m

Ep.122 Dreams Of Invasion

We have Bryan as our guest this episode calling from Missouri, sharing his UFO sighting, paranormal encounters and some of his unusual and vivid dreams he has been having recently. Dreams that prompted him to contact the show. More information on...


 2021-08-01  53m

Ep.121 Synchronicity

Tonight's guest is Rob from the State of Oregon, and Rob will be sharing his own and his families UFO sightings, numerous probable abduction and paranormal experiences and also his long periods of nonstop synchronicities. More information on this...


 2021-07-29  1h33m

Ep.120 Aliens And Artists

In this episode we have the company of Stuart Davis from Colorado, and he will be sharing his encounter of a Mantis being and some of his other anomalous events. Stuart is also host of the podcast 'Aliens And Artists' and the founder of 'The...


 2021-07-25  1h10m

Ep.119 Extraordinary Contact

Tonight we are joined by the wonderful Debbie Kauble from Indiana, Debbie was the central figure in Budd Hopkins classic book Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods, as well as its 1992 TV miniseries adaptation, Intruders. Budd gave...


 2021-07-22  1h14m

Ep.118 An Unexplained Experience

We have the pleasure of Katherine this episode, sharing some strange occurrences on a 400-acre dairy farm she grew up on in Western New York. And also when her son was a child he used to talk of creatures he would call 'The Topits'. Just imaginary...


 2021-07-18  43m

Ep.117 The Gower Salt Marsh UFO

Todays guest is Jon from South Wales in the UK, and he will be sharing his witness account of a UFO landing back in October 2010. And also apart from this experience he will be talking about some of the other things he has observed on a regular basis....


 2021-07-11  51m

Ep.116 Black Triangle / Cube Of Fire

Our first of two guests tonight is Jay calling from Massachusetts, sharing his very recent encounter of a Triangle shaped UFO over Great Barrington. Then we across the pond to the UK to speak to Pete about a number of experiences he couldn't explain,...


 2021-07-04  52m

Ep.115 The Intruders

Our guest this episode is Barbara calling from North Carolina, and will be sharing her abduction experiences. Barbara’s encounters began when she first moved to the Antelope Valley California at the end of the 1980s. But as we will hear there is a...


 2021-06-27  1h9m

Ep.114 Colorado UFO's

Tonight we start off with Molly and her witness submission from Florida, then we are heading to Colorado to hear from Steven and his UFO experiences. Steven is an avid outdoorsman and spends a lot of time camping and mountain biking the trails of...


 2021-06-20  56m