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Start learning Ukrainian with Ukrainian Lessons Podcast! An experienced teacher and Ukrainian native speaker Anna is hosting the podcast, offering you weekly Ukrainian lessons with real life dialogues, clear explanations, immediate practice and cultural information about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Learn more Ukrainian at our web-site

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ULP 3-119 Остання розмова – The last conversation + Conditional mood in Ukrainian

Це остання розмова Христини на подкаcті... This is the last conversation of Khrystyna, the heroine of the 3rd ULP season. She will be talking to her boyfriend Yurko about their future plans... :( Along with practicing your listening skills,



ULP 3-118 Весілля в Україні – Wedding in Ukraine + Using “щоб” with the past tense in Ukrainian

Would you like to discover some Ukrainian wedding traditions, customs, and забобони - superstitions? Listen to the advanced level conversation between two friends discussing a traditional wedding in Ukraine. Then,



ULP 3-117 Травневий пікнік – May picnic in Ukraine + Complex Sentences with Attributive Clauses

Ukrainians like to gather with friends and family for a picnic in May. Listen to the informal conversation about Khrystyna and Yurko preparing a shopping list and choosing a place for a picnic. Then, discover another type of the complex sentences in Uk...



ULP 3-116 Великдень в Україні – Easter in Ukraine + Complex sentences with Adverbial Clauses

Discover more interesting facts about Easter in Ukraine in the 4-minute conversation between Khrystyna and Lesya, expand your advanced vocabulary and earn about some types of the complex sentences in Ukrainian!



ULP 3-115 Мої нові захоплення (Голосове повідомлення №7) – My new hobbies (Voice message №7)

Час повторення! Listen to another voice message of Khrystyna to her mom in which she talks about her experience of cooking вареники, making писанки and вишивання. Practice your comprehension and review vocabulary answering to 10 questions.


 2019-04-24  25m

ULP 3-114 Майстер-клас з писанкарства – How to make pysanky + Imperative mood of the verbs in the first person plural (Let’s…)

Вам подобаються писанки? Do you like Ukrainian Easter eggs - "pysanky"? Learn how to paint them right before the Easter time in this advanced Ukrainian lesson!


 2019-04-17  31m

ULP 3-113 Майстер-клас з вишивання – Ukrainian traditional embroidery masterclass + More about the Imperative mood in Ukrainian

Умієте вишивати? Can you embroider? Listen to another master class in advanced Ukrainian to find out how to do it. Master the imperative mood and expand your vocabulary at the same time. Enjoy!


 2019-04-09  30m

ULP 3-112 Майстер-клас з приготування вареників – How to cook varenyky + Imperative mood of the second person plural

Любите вареники? Learn how to cook varenyky together with Khrystyna in a workshop from Olena Bilous. And if you try cooking Ukrainian dishes at home, send us pictures in the comments below!


 2019-04-03  32m

ULP 3-111 Подарунки на День народження – Birthday presents + Imperative mood in Ukrainian

It's Khrystyna's birthday! Listen to her roommate greeting her and find our what presents she gets. Then, start studying the imperative mood in Ukrainian at the grammar section. З Днем народження, Христино!


 2019-03-27  29m

ULP 3-110 Мій український хлопець (Голосове повідомлення №6) – My Ukrainian boyfriend (Voice message №6)

In this episode, review the material of the previous 4 episodes by listening to the Khrystyna's voice message in which she tells her mom about her Ukrainian boyfriend. Enjoy!


 2019-03-20  27m