Unapologetic Stories

It’s time to ditch the shame and secrecy and discover how the challenging moments of our lives bring us to our deepest purpose and potential. On this podcast, you will follow Anna Mullens, Chopra Global Instructor, Speaker Coach and Life Story Editor, on her mission to bring powerful personal stories out from behind closed doors and onto the world stage…unapologetically.


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episode 8: How to Reclaim Your Sexual Power

It’s all about boudoir, overcoming shame and feeling empowered to own our unconventional paths in this nostalgic edit featuring the very first editor of the Unapologetic Stories podcast. This week, Anna talks to Hayley Loewen about what she’s been up to since she left the podcast, returned to nursing, sold her business and dug deep to find a passion she really feels called to.



episode 7: How to Set Boundaries and Avoid Burn Out: The True Story of Justine Sones

Depression, boundaries, mental health and self-care are just some of the BIG topics we talk about on this week’s powerful edit with Stress Management Coach, Justine Sones. Anna and Justine get real about their personal experience with depression and setting boundaries, as well as talk about some of the broader problems with the way society depletes us of our essential needs.



episode 6: How to Create Communities Where Everyone Matters

On this week’s edit, Anna talks to Cicely Belle Blain, an anti-racism educator working to create communities where everyone matters. That goal requires a wide range of diverse yet intersected topics to be considered; Through this conversation, Cicely introduces us to a powerful array of issues to reflect on with the goal of not only unpacking, but dismantling, harmful systems of oppression...



episode 5: How to Face Challenges With Confidence: The True Story of The MomBabes

On an episode they tried recording once, and almost canceled a second time due to some major life events for both of them, Host, Anna Mullens, and guest, Carolyn Turkington (one half of The MomBabes), tackle the notion that we have to be ‘ready’ in order to show up. This very raw edit of the podcast reveals what’s really going on behind the scenes for Moms, and discusses the ladies’ newest book project, The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology.



episode 4: How to Say Yes to New Things

On this powerful edit, Anna talks to Canadian Idol Winner, Theo Tams, about rediscovering his life as an artist after facing tremendous personal and professional challenges, the roller-coaster of sobriety, and cultivating the ability to say YES to new things.


 2021-09-22  54m

episode 3: How to Find a Career You Love: the True Story of Makenzie Chilton

On this edit of Unapologetic Stories, Anna talks to Makenzie Chilton, Career Coach and former prison therapist, about how people can find a career they love by drawing on and cultivating their values, motivations and mindset.


 2021-09-15  52m


On this edit, Anna chats with Lori Bamber, Writing Coach and Senior Editor with The Self Publishing Agency Inc. about what it takes to truly heal our stories and reframe our perspective to reveal the universality of our unique experiences. Other topics discussed in this episode: trauma healing, misogyny in the workplace, becoming a writer, employing an editor or ghostwriter, non-binary pronouns, autism, ADHD, and the connective power of true storytelling.


 2021-09-08  57m

episode 1: How to Move Forward: The True Story of What’s to Come

Welcome to Season 3 of Unapologetic Stories! On this week’s edit, host Anna shares where she has been this past month and what hurdles she has overcome to arrive at the next phase of this movement. Anna also shares some research on the origin of language and storytelling and her plans for the future of The Unapologetically Her Show.


 2021-09-01  1h8m

episode 27: How to Find Your Purpose as a Storyteller

Closing out a record-breaking Season 2 of the Unapologetic Stories Podcast, Anna shares her learnings from this season’s guests as well as her thoughts about the power of true storytelling and how we come to find out purpose through our deepest moments of discovery. She also helps storytellers better understand their motivation and find the compassion needed to stay in service on stage.


 2021-07-28  1h2m

episode 26: When Cancer Strikes: How to Find Hope Amidst Healing

For the last guest-attended edit of Season 2, Anna welcomes profound storyteller and cancer survivor, Trevor Howes, to the show. The pair discuss how cancer can become a through line to your life, the difficulties of facing a personal diagnosis, the challenge of asking for help (and not trying to do it alone), and the legacy of hope that can live on, pushing to us find our very own magical moments of healing...


 2021-07-21  52m