Uncensored Direct Marketing

Hosted by Maria Sparagis, president of DirectPayNet, and payment solutions expert for entrepreneurs in the high risk industries of supplements, dating, business opportunities, gambling and more. On this podcast, Maria shares her knowledge on how to reduce decline ratios, add thousands of dollars to your bottom line with a few simple conversion hacks, and maximize revenue while keeping your high-risk merchant accounts happy and healthy. As a cryptocurrency advocate since 2012, Maria will also share her knowledge on the digital currency markets. Maria has worked with several high level entrepreneurs in Direct Marketing including Christian Hudson, Julian Reyes, Jeremy Schoemaker “ShoeMoney”, Mike Chang and many more. She has been featured in American Banker, Vice, Inside Bitcoins, Coindesk, and Yahoo. Connect with Maria mariasparagis.com or directpaynet.com


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episode 90: How to Sell by Not Selling with Brandon Fredrickson

Is your business okay? Are you finding your sales tactics no longer perform? Conversions are dropping, customers are leaving, and your business seems…bland. We know the feeling. You need a fresh start In this episode of Uncensored Direct Marketing, we're talking with Brandon Fredrickson, a direct response industry veteran, who shares his secrets for selling to prospects—by not selling to them at all...



episode 89: The BEST TIME TO SELL Your Crypto Business

When you're ready to sell your crypto business, don't wait until it's too late. When you sell at the right time, you can walk away with profits that will take your next project to new levels of success. But what is the right time? How do you know when to sell? That's what Lane Gordon is here to answer. Whether it's because your interest in crypto is waning or because life has taken a turn and you need to put your focus elsewhere, selling your business will always be a good option...



episode 88: 5 Seconds to Grab Their Attention — YouTube Ad Strategies

Today we're talking all about how to grab your audience's attention in the first 5 seconds of your video. KEY TAKEAWAY: the first 5 seconds of your ad is what matters most. That's because if you can't convince them in that time, they'll just click away without giving your video a chance. You need to write an ad hook that grabs their attention, holds their gaze, and doesn’t let go until they’re ready to click “buy”...



episode 87: 4 Ways to Make More Money in 24 Hours with NO ADDITIONAL SPENDING #declined transactions

Are declined transactions harming your conversion rate? Here are 4 tips you can implement right now that will boost your approval rate overnight at no cost to you. Declined transactions suck. No matter if it's because the customer entered their details wrong or their bank thinks the payment is suspicious, it harms your merchant account, relationship with your processor, and your bottom line. So here are the best no-cost ways to cancel out declined transactions...



episode 86: Get Your MONEY BACK After Stripe Holding Funds

Is Stripe holding funds from you? If they are, this is the video for you. And if they aren’t, pay attention so you can avoid it from happening. We know how convenient Stripe is. We also know how often Stripe users get their funds frozen, accounts shut down, and money vanished. We receive at least 20 emails PER WEEK from burnt Stripe customers looking for help. You did everything right—you followed all the rules, but still ended up getting your account shut down for no reason...


 2022-08-25  7m

episode 85: How to GENERATE SALES with PODCASTING

Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool that can help you generate sales. The best part? You don't even have to start your own show to benefit. Find out exactly how you can use podcasts to generate sales right here. In this video, Luis Diaz, a podcast expert, will teach you how to use podcasting as a marketing tool. He'll also outline the difference between speaking to businesses versus consumers, provide the optimal length for your episodes, and what's in store for the future of podcasting...


 2022-08-18  33m


If you're a copywriter struggling to get your copywriting game on point, listen up. Andrew Contreras was making a decent living, but knew there was more he could be doing. Then, he hired a coach and it changed his life. Since then, his business has exploded. He wrote a multimillion dollar offer called The Christian Diet that's made him a fortune and taken his career to new heights...


 2022-08-11  8m

episode 83: Stolen Content? What to Do About It with Al Evans

Stolen Content? Don't want the legal overhead? Takedown Czar is here for you. Today, we're talking with Al Evans of Takedown Czar to uncover what they do for you and what YOU can do to protect yourself from ripped off offers, a pirated IP, and stolen products. Al Evans defines Takedown Czar as doing "everything lawyers won't do". But he doesn't mean that in some nefarious, underground sense...


 2022-08-04  36m

episode 82: 6 Ways to RECESSION-PROOF Your Direct Response Business

When recession is on the horizon, most businesses hunker down and do all they can to hoard the money they have—but you can use this as an opportunity for growth...


 2022-07-28  14m

episode 81: Make 25% MORE with This AFFILIATE PARTNER Plan

Listen up: we've got a new way to approach affiliate marketing. Amber Spears is an expert on the topic, and she has some advice that can help YOU make 25% more money. As the founder of East 5th Avenue, Amber knows what it takes to build a successful affiliate partner program. Today, we want to share the top tips she's given us. You can watch the full-length episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEGNA1si0w0andt=1841s (https://www.youtube...


 2022-07-21  7m