Unleashing YOUR Great Work

Unleashing Your Great Work is a podcast about doing the work that matters the most to you. Your Great Work might involve building a business, inciting a movement, creating breathtaking art, writing world-changing books, or helping other people to heal and grow into their potential. Cognitive psychologist and coach, Dr. Amanda Crowell, combines a fascination for human achievement with a passion for helping others to explore how to get YOUR Great Work out into the world where it belongs.


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episode 64: How to Get your Bounce Back With Amanda Crowell – Encore | UYGW064

We are excited to bring you this encore presentation of one of our most popular episodes. We hope you enjoy! When the hustle and grind gets you down, you need RESILIENCE! When you feel burned out, that can feel like a monumental task… but I’ve got your back. Over the next 5 weeks you will receive two short episodes every week, each one with a resilience tip from someone who is striving—just like you-- every day to do Great Work...


 2023-03-28  14m

episode 63: What I Learned About Great Work from 40 Interviews with World-Renowned Experts with Amanda Crowell | UYGW063

In the past two seasons I have done 40 episodes with experts. Some were writers, musicians, coaches, therapists, and lots of them were authors. Here’s what I learned about Great Work from these interviews...


 2023-03-21  20m

episode 62: How To Become One Of The Most Influential Marketers In The World with Andrew Davis | UYGW062

This week I’m sharing the 40th interview on the Unleashing Your Great Work Podcast! One of my favorite parts of doing these interviews is how much I’ve learned about Great Work by hearing how other people are living theirs...


 2023-03-14  43m

episode 61: Yours For A Song With Composer Charlie Gilbert | UYGW061

Charlie Gilbert is a writer, composer, educator, and theater maker specializing in musical theater. Given my lifelong fascination with musical theater, this made him an obvious choice as a guest for this podcast! And while this episode is chock full of little musical theater tidbits, it’s also a beautiful look at what a lifelong dedication to Great Work looks like. Charlie started doing musical theater as a young man, in college, with his friends...


 2023-03-07  40m

episode 60: How to Remix Your Leadership Style to do Great Work with Paula White | UYWG060

Have you ever heard an idea that you thought you understood, but the more you heard, the more profound it became? Paula White’s idea about “Side B” leadership is one such idea! When you first hear it, it sounds like a standard truism that it “takes all kinds” or is essential to “leverage your strengths,” which are two powerful ideas, but they are hardly new...


 2023-02-28  36m

episode 59: How A Career Reboot Can Make You Feel More Alive with Voiceover Artist, Amy Bermudez | UYGW059

In December 2019, Amy Bermudez was feeling unsatisfied with her job. She worked in an industry she didn’t love, for people who stressed her out, doing work that was… fine. She wanted more, but she wasn’t sure what that “more” was. In a chance encounter with a relative, Amy learned about voiceover...


 2023-02-21  31m

episode 58: How to Think, Do, and Say Your Great Work With Ron Tite |UYGW058

Have you ever met anyone who seems effortlessly innovative or full of great ideas? If you have, you may have met a border-dweller. A border dweller is a term from sociology that refers to people who live close to a border between countries and experience a culture that reflects a both countries. In psychology, we borrow that term to refer to people who see connections between seemingly unconnected fields. Ron Tite is a classic border dweller...


 2023-02-14  43m

episode 57: What To Do When You Worry Your Great Work Is Behind You with Julie Ellis | UYGW057

Julie Ellis, a co-founder of Mabel's labels and the author of Big Gorgeous Goals, has a unique perspective on success. When she and her co-founders sold Mabel’s Labels to Avery, she felt both proud of the accomplishment and sad about losing what they had enjoyed building. This is a very common but rarely discussed part of Great Work. 

So much of what we talk about focuses on getting started and overcoming hurdles, staying at it, and building toward success...


 2023-02-07  33m

episode 56: How To Know If Your Great Idea Is Worth Pursuing | UYGW056

If you are anything like me, you have a LOT of Great ideas! They flow in while you walk the dog, take your shower, and drive to the grocery store. How do we know which of these ideas are worth pursuing and which of these ideas will be a distraction from what really matters? Tune in as I share my process for choosing the best ideas and moving them forward without feeling overwhelmed...


 2023-01-31  20m

episode 55: Honor Your Heart Value to Do Your Great Work with Mary Tess Rooney | UYGW055

This interview with Mary Tess Rooney is the reminder that we all need that our joy and happiness matter at least as much as what other people expect of us. Mary Tess is the author of Heart Value, a book that helps us ensure we are making career and life decisions from the intersection of the value we offer the world that also lights us up. What Mary Tess describes as Heart Value is very close to what I call Great Work, which is why it was such an easy decision to invite her to the podcast...


 2023-01-24  41m