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Cultivating Forgiveness, Part 2

Does forgiveness seem like a hurdle that's too big for you to overcome? God has gathered everything you need to know about forgiveness in one place in the Bible. Pastor Colin shows us where.


 2017-02-26  24m

Cultivating Forgiveness, Part 1

The Bible tells us that we are to forgive one another as Christ has forgiven us. Think for a moment about how and when God forgives. Does God always forgive? How does God forgive? Pastor Colin Smith shows us the Bible's answers to these questions and more


 2017-02-19  24m

Blessed are the Merciful, Part 2

Where and how can you be merciful? What would that actually look like? Pastor Colin helps us discover 7 opportunities for manifesting mercy.


 2017-02-12  24m

Blessed are the Merciful, Part 1

There are four things you most need to know about God as a believer. They are repeated together no less than 7 times in the Old Testament. Pastor Colin talks about what they are.


 2017-02-05  24m

Cultivating a Godly Appetite, Part 2

How can you have a greater appetite for God? The key is changing your diet, because over time, this leads to a change in appetite. Pastor Colin shows us 5 strategies for changing our spiritual appetites.


 2017-01-29  24m

Cultivating a Godly Appetite, Part 1

Did you know that your own spiritual appetite,your hunger and thirst for God himself can be cultivated? Here’s the key:Change your diet, and you will change your appetite. Pastor Colin Smith shows us how this works.


 2017-01-22  24m

Blessed are Those Who Hunger for Righteousness, Part 2

What do you think will give you satisfaction? Is it to be loved? Is it to be appreciated? Is it to get revenge? Jesus tells us that there is one thing, and one thing only, that will be satisfied completely. Pastor Colin shows us what this is.


 2017-01-15  n/a

Blessed are Those Who Hunger for Righteousness, Part 1

What does it look like to be blessed by God? When it comes to righteousness, Jesus tells us that the blessed people are not those who think they have it, but those who feel their lack of it. Pastor Colin shows us why.


 2017-01-08  n/a

Cultivating Meekness, Part 2

How do you get more meekness into your life? Jesus said that it is blessed. “Blessed are the meek…” Pastor Colin Smith has 10 strategies for you to help you cultivate meekness.


 2017-01-01  n/a

Abraham's Story

Abraham experienced God’s blessing during his lifetime, including a son in his old age, and a pair of grandchildren. But he was still waiting for God’s promise when he died.


 2016-12-25  n/a