Unlocking Your World of Creativity

On UNLOCKING YOUR WORLD OF CREATIVITY, best-selling author and global brand innovator, Mark Stinson introduces you to some of the world’s leading creative talent from publishing, film, animation, music, restaurants, medical research, and more. In every episode, you'll discover: - How to tap into your most original thinking. - Inspiration from the experts’ own experience. - Specific tools, exercises, and formulas to organize your ideas. - And most of all, you’ll learn how to make connections

 and create opportunities to publish, post, record, display, sell, market, and promote
 your creative work. Listen for the latest insights for creative people who want to stop questioning themselves and overcome obstacles to launch their creative endeavors out into the world. Connect with Mark at www.Mark-Stinson.com


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episode 305: Nismah Osman, Songwriter and Music Producer

Join us on "Unlocking Your World of Creativity" as we dive into the musical journey with the incredible Nismah Osman.

Nismah's Website

@nismahosman on Instagram

Here are some key takeaways:

Nismah's early music exploration began with an old piano, leading to a lifelong passion for songwriting and recording.

She shares insights into her creative process, emphasizing the importance of a strong concept as the heart of a song...



episode 304: Susan Steiner, Author and Human Design Coach

Welcome back, friends, to our podcast, unlocking your world of creativity.

In our globetrotting adventures, today we're in Zurich, Switzerland, chatting with the multi-talented Susan Steiner.

Susan's Website

Susan's Facebook page

She's not just an author but also a human design aficionado, executive coach, grandmother, and more. Our conversation dives into the intriguing intersection of her diverse roles and her unique approach to creativity...



episode 303: Ana Gabriel and John David Mann, Authors of "The Go-Giver Marriage"

In this engaging podcast interview (re-issued from April 2022 with co-host, Kirstin Hanson), John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann, coauthors of "The Go-Giver Marriage," share insights into building a successful and fulfilling relationship. The conversation revolves around the principles outlined in their book, which incorporates the Go-Giver philosophy into the realm of marriage.


Here are 5 key highlights from the interview:




episode 302: Joana Sa Lima, Architect Partner at Compte Bureau

Welcome back to "Unlocking Your World of Creativity." In this episode, host Mark engages in a captivating conversation with Joana Sa Lima, an architect and designer based in Oslo, Norway. They explore the multifaceted nature of creativity, delving into the process of getting inspired, organizing ideas, and building confidence to make impactful connections.

Joana's Website

@comte_bureau on Instagram





episode 301: Gabe Bolkosky, Violinist and Music Educator

Welcome back to *Unlocking Your World of Creativity,* where we explore diverse creative pursuits. In this episode, we chat with acclaimed violinist Gabe Bolkosky, known for his inclusive approach to music and innovative projects.

Gabe's Website

1. Gabe's Musical Journey: Explore Gabe's unique approach to music and his inclusive philosophy, aiming to connect deeply with the audience.




episode 300: GUEST REUNION: Reconnecting with Guests from Over the Years

In this landmark 300th episode, the host is joined by past guests, each on a distinctive creative journey.

Guest Introductions:

1. Nikki Nash - Author of "Market Your Genius."

- Successfully published with Hay House despite unconventional methods.

- Engaged in consulting, focusing on coaching businesses and community building.


- Reflects on the success of her book, "Market Your Genius," connecting her with a broader audience...


 January 22, 2024  1h15m

episode 299: Musical Inspiration: Curated Playlist from Featured Artists

In Episode 299 of "Unlocking Your World of Creativity," immerse yourself in a dynamic exploration of creative expression through a captivating multi-genre playlist. Featuring fresh, innovative sounds, this episode serves as a musical journey across genres, igniting inspiration for your creative endeavors. From soulful melodies to rhythmic beats, each track offers a unique sonic experience...


 January 15, 2024  40m

episode 298: Jacqueline Suskin, Poet and Author, "A Year in Practice"

Welcome back to "Unlocking Your World of Creativity," where today's episode dives into the transformative power of seasonal rituals and prompts with our guest, poet Jacqueline Suskin. In her latest book, "A Year in Practice," she explores the cyclical nature of creativity, aligning it with the seasons to awaken our cycles of expression...


 January 8, 2024  29m

episode 297: Merry Christmas 2023, with multi-genre holiday songs


Here is a playlist with all genres of Christmas music, courtesy of MTS Family artists...


 December 22, 2023  36m

episode 296: Rebekah Louisa Smith, The Film Festival Doctor

Podcast Interview with Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith - Unlocking Your World of Creativity

Introducing Rebekah Louisa Smith:, an award-winning film festival strategist and founder of The Film Festival Doctor.

- Rebekah's unique approach, blending practical business skills and spiritual techniques in her work...


 December 21, 2023  20m