Listen up, film fans! Actor & comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson want your advice as they make the ultimate list of the greatest movies of all time. In Season 1, they watched every one of the AFI’s Top 100 films...and decided they could kick off half. Now, they're filling in the gaps by investigating wildly diverse areas of film through miniseries on topics like horror movies, documentaries and romantic comedies, with help from listeners' picks. Along the way, they’ll dissect iconic scenes, spotlight their favorite characters, and talk to some of the actors and directors who worked on these classics. And when Unspooled has built their own list of the best movies on earth, they'll blast them into space to be immortalized for eternity. Seriously. 


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episode 2062: Jurassic Park

Amy & Paul break out of 1993's prehistoric creature feature Jurassic Park! They revisit the moment in film history when CGI was starting to break into the mainstream, learn how director Steven Spielberg decided to embrace realism in the film's dino designs, and debate whether John Hammond gets a bad rap. Plus: An in-depth breakdown of Jurassic Park vs. Jaws...



episode 2061: The State Of Summer Blockbusters

Paul & Amy break the block open with a new Unspooled series on summer blockbusters! They ask why the Fast saga has succeeded where so many original ideas have failed, try to pinpoint when franchise films lost their sense of joy, and preview some of the big films coming out soon, Plus: Narrowing down the shortlist of blockbusters to cover over the next two months...



Top 3: Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Gunpowder Milkshake) joins Unspooled to talk about her top 3 films she would send to space, including a 90s rom com classic and a horror masterpiece.



episode 113: Jaws

Amy & Paul take a bite out of 1975's blockbuster Spielberg creature feature Jaws! They take a close listen to John Williams' iconic score, praise the way Spielberg adds emotional stakes to the story, and ask whether Jurassic Park does much of what Jaws does, but better. Plus: Hannah Medd, founder of the American Shark Conservancy, weighs in on whether dolphins are bigger jerks than sharks...



episode 85: Star Wars

Amy & Paul make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs to 1977's George Lucas space fantasy Star Wars! They learn why Carrie Fisher hated those buns, praise the visionary designs of Ralph McQuarrie, and ask if we can still appreciate it as a single film in a post Star Wars world. Plus: Paul Hirsch, the editor of Star Wars, talks about bringing Lucas' vision to the final cut...



episode 23: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

This week Amy and Paul uncover 1981's rollicking Indiana Jones adventure Raiders Of The Lost Ark! They ask if Indy is actually a good archeologist, find out whether Belloq really ate a fly, and discuss what makes the film's action sequences so irresistible to kids. Plus: Indiana Jones superfan Guy Klender shares his wealth of Indy knowledge, and talks about his work on the Raiders fan remake...



Apollo 13

Amy & Paul come home to 1995's space disaster docudrama Apollo 13! They ask if this is secretly a film about disappointment, spot a cameo by a legendary director, and discuss whether there's a successor to Ron Howard among today's generation of filmmakers. Plus: What's the actual version of the film's most famous quote? Next week Unspooled kicks off a new series on summer blockbusters! You can join the conversation for this series on the Unspooled Facebook Group at https://www.facebook...



Top 3: Tom Scharpling

Tom Scharpling (The Best Show, Steven Universe) joins us to talk about his new book It Never Ends and his top 3 movie musicals! He talks about why he loves excess in musicals, Jack Nicholson’s directorial career, and going to Papa Roach’s basketball game.



episode 2059: Aliens

Paul & Amy invade 1986's James Cameron space action classic Aliens! They learn what this film had in common with Platoon, ask why the aliens feel less threatening here than they did in the first film, and try not to call Ripley 'badass.' Plus: Do the deleted scenes that give more backstory to Ripley help or hurt her character? Next week Unspooled's space series concludes with Apollo 13! You can join the conversation for this series on the Unspooled Facebook Group at https://www.facebook...



Top 3: Daveed Diggs

Welcome to Top 3, a semi-regular bonus series where we ask our favorite creative people to talk about three films they love! In this interview, Daveed Diggs talks about growing up on Abbott & Costello, a new film from Côte d'Ivoire he can't stop thinking about, and some of the influences that went into Blindspotting (both the film and series).


 2021-06-29  31m