Listen up, film fans! Actor & comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson want your advice as they make the ultimate list of the greatest movies of all time. In Season 1, they watched every one of the AFI’s Top 100 films...and decided they could kick off half. Now, they're filling in the gaps by investigating wildly diverse areas of film through miniseries on topics like horror movies, documentaries and romantic comedies, with help from listeners' picks. Along the way, they’ll dissect iconic scenes, spotlight their favorite characters, and talk to some of the actors and directors who worked on these classics. And when Unspooled has built their own list of the best movies on earth, they'll blast them into space to be immortalized for eternity. Seriously. 


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episode 2044: Chariots of Fire

Paul & Amy run through 1981's Olympic track drama Chariots of Fire! They learn why this is Joe Biden's favorite film, ask if this thoroughly British story was at all jazzed up for American audiences, and compare the arcs of individual sports like running to the team sports they've covered so far. Plus: How composer Vangelis fought to get his iconic theme in the film...



episode 2043: Cool Runnings

Paul & Amy slide through 1993's Jamaican bobsledding comedy Cool Runnings! They learn which parts of the script were true and which were exaggerated for the film, praise John Candy's generous straight man performance, and ask whether formula is always a bad thing in filmmaking. Plus: Doug E. Doug (Sanka Coffie) recalls talking the production team out of some bad ideas...



episode 2042: Brian's Song

Paul & Amy tackle 1971's football integration melodrama Brian's Song! They learn why Burt Reynolds ultimately wasn't cast in the James Caan role, praise the film's use of real game footage, and discuss why it all works despite often feeling like an after school special. Plus: what makes Brian's Song a famous 'guy-cry?'   This is the second episode of our Underdogs series; next week’s film is Cool Runnings! Learn more about the show at unspooledpod...



episode 2041: Hoosiers

Amy & Paul double team 1986's Gene Hackman basketball drama Hoosiers! They praise the film for capturing the realism of small town life, dissect what makes films based on true stories successful, and ask whether Hackman is actually a good coach. Plus: How does Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar nominated score hold up?   This is the first episode of our Underdogs series; next week's film is Brian's Song! Learn more about the show at unspooledpod...



Mike Nichols (with Mark Harris)

Amy and Paul sit down with Mark Harris, author of "Mike Nichols: A Life," to discuss the career of the famed director of films like "The Graduate" and "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?", and the insights Harris uncovered by diving into his life and work.   Next week, movie discussion resumes, as we kick off our Underdogs series on real-life-inspired sports films with Hoosiers!


 2021-03-11  40m

episode 2038: The Princess Bride

Amy & Paul fight for 1987's Rob Reiner meta-fairytale The Princess Bride! They discuss what makes Reiner's films stand out, listen to Cary Elwes' Marlon Brando impression, and ask if this is a perfect example of an 'everything' film. Plus: some Andre The Giant stories you won't believe.   This is the final episode of the Couple Goals series; next week we kick off Underdogs, our series on true-life sports films, with Hoosiers! Learn more about the show at unspooledpod...


 2021-03-04  1h37m

episode 2037: Brokeback Mountain

Paul & Amy can't quit 2005's groundbreaking gay romance Brokeback Mountain! They analyze how the beginning and ending shots of the film mirror each other, ask why so much early coverage of the film felt tone deaf, and praise all four central performances as the emergence of a new generation of great actors. Plus: What makes Ang Lee one of our greatest living directors...


 2021-02-25  1h41m

episode 2036: Love and Basketball

Amy & Paul alley-oop 2000's Gina Prince-Bythewood athletic romance Love And Basketball! They discover the impact this film made on WNBA players like Candace Parker, learn why Sanaa Lathan had to prove she was up for the lead role, and ask if a childhood argument foreshadows the central couple's turbulent relationship...


 2021-02-18  1h31m

episode 2035: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Paul & Amy can't forget 2004's mind-melting romance Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind! They learn why director Michel Gondry asked Jim Carrey not to improvise, watch a deleted scene featuring a character cut from the film, and ask if this couple is really meant to be together. Plus: learn which rap superstar was heavily inspired by the movie!   This is the fifth episode in our Couple Goals series; next week’s film is Love And Basketball! Learn more about the show at unspooledpod...


 2021-02-11  1h44m

BONUS: Promising Young Woman

On a bonus Unspooled, Paul & Amy discuss 2020's thorny modern revenge story Promising Young Woman! They praise the film's tonal balancing act and subversion of audience expectations, view Cassie's story through the prism of the misogynist pop culture of the 00s, and listen to highlights from Amy's conversation with director Emerald Fennell and star Carey Mulligan.


 2021-02-10  1h13m