Unstoppable Mindset

Inclusion, Diversity and encountering something different and unexpected. We all have reacted to different kinds of people and unexpected situations often with fear and unacceptance. Join blind World Trade Center survivor, No. 1 NY Times Bestseller and Chief Vision Officer for accessiBe, Michael Hingson as he talks with thought leaders and others about our often blinding fear of inclusion and our resistance to change. Mike will explore the idea that no matter the situation or different kinds of people we encounter our own fears and prejudices often are the strongest barriers to moving forward. This podcast is presented by accessCast, an accessiBe initiative.


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episode 48: Unstoppable Empathy with Yonty Friesem

In this episode, I have the pleasure of meeting and talking with Yonty Friesem. Yonty is an Associate Professor of communication and founding director of the MA in civic media at Columbia College Chicago. He was born in Israel and moved to the states as his career and vistas expanded.   You get to hear his own life story, but even more important, he will describe the concepts of Civic Media as well as what digital empathy is all about...



episode 47: Entropy with Robert French

Robert P. French was born in Oxford England in 1944. Early on he developed a love of working with computers. As you will learn, he lived within 40 miles of the first 5 computers in the world.   He obtained his first software job in 1963 and never looked back. Well, not back, but as you will learn, he did find new directions along the way that greatly advanced his career and took him along different life paths...



episode 46: Unstoppable Guy with Dr. David Schein

By now, regular listeners to this podcast have observed that I begin episodes with the word “Unstoppable”. I stole the idea from the old-time radio show Dragnet which began every show with the words “The Big” followed by other title words. Hey, it worked for Dragnet so why invent something new? You will hear near the end of this episode why I used “Unstoppable Guy” as the title.   Anyway, meet Dr. David Schein, JD, Ph.D...



episode 45: Unstoppable Trainer with Jesse Sternberg

Jesse Sternberg is a man who unexpectedly began experiencing pain that eventually arose to the level of being completely debilitating for him. Don’t stop thinking that this is just another story about suffering and possibly overcoming a problem. You will never guess how Jesse worked through his pain and how it led to a fascinating career as a dog trainer.   Jesse will provide us with some interesting insights about being a leader through his dog training business...



episode 44: Unstoppable Pivot

Melissa Deally grew up spending much time in Japan. When she settled down to a career she found herself in a sales position with a hotel chain assigned primarily to bring in Asian visitors to her hotels throughout the United States. After a 24-year successful career she suddenly was terminated as the hotel group downsized. Suddenly she needed to find a new income source. I can but wonder what any of us would do if literally overnight we were confronted with this problem...



episode 43: Unstoppable Vision

As regular Unstoppable Mindset listeners know, here we do not at all simply believe “vision” means eyesight. Dr. Carlos Archilla-Cady is a perfect example of why this is so. Dr. Archilla-Cady works today as an anesthesiologist in Florida, but during his life he went through a period of being totally blind. He never let his eye condition stop him as you will hear.

Carlos began his career working as a medical officer for the U.S. navy...



episode 42: Unstoppable Mom

Episode Summary

Thanks for reading these notes and listening to Unstoppable Mindset. Might you happen to be a parent? Better yet, might you be the parent of a child with a disability? How about two children with what we call disabilities? I want you to meet this week Mary Elizabeth Jackson who is the mother of three children two of which are on the Autism spectrum...


 2022-07-13  1h8m

episode 41: Unstoppable Perception

Episode Summary

Do you know anyone who has a so-called “disability”? How do you know? This week I want you to meet Tiffany Noelle Brown. Tiffany has a PHD, she is a wife and mother, and, by most people’s standards, she has a disability as she happens to have a traumatic brain injury...


 2022-07-06  56m


In this episode I invite you to meet Davida Shensky. Davida grew up in a time before the Americans with Disabilities Act and other legislation guaranteeing persons with disabilities many of the same rights enjoyed by most people in the United States. You will learn about Ms. Shensky’s disability and that of her sister. Davida faced much discrimination when trying to break through the barriers imposed on persons with disabilities...


 2022-06-29  1h12m

episode 39: Unstoppable Musician

Episode Summary I have had the honor to interview many guests since beginning Unstoppable Mindset. No guest has demonstrated a greater ability to be unstoppable than this episode’s guest, Ian Walker. Ian learned at a fairly early age that he happened to have ADHD. He also demonstrated a great aptitude and love of music. His love of music won as he will tell you in in our interview. Ian also has worked at other jobs in his life. He will tell you about them as well...


 2022-06-23  1h7m