Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

The phone hacking scandal that closed News of the World was big, that was just the tip of the iceberg. At the bottom of that iceberg of 'dark arts' - hacking, burglary, bugging, and bribing bent cops - is the body of Daniel Morgan. It’s been described by an Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police as “one of the most disgraceful episodes in the entire history of the Metropolitan Police Service.” Over the three decades since Daniel was killed, five failed police investigations and an ongoing panel inquiry, his has become the most investigated murder in British history. The story moves from back streets of London, through the highest echelons of Scotland Yard, to the offices of Rupert Murdoch's best selling newspapers, to the doors of Number Ten Downing Street. If you haven't heard this story, ask yourself, why?




      2: 8 Labyrinth of Lies

      The Ghost Squad arrests in the 90s around Southern Investigations reveal three overlapping Empires of Crime, according to Untouchables co-author Laurie Flynn



      2: 7 Hotline to Crime

      As a young actor conducts his own defence against entrapment by the Fake Sheikh, he reveals several direct links between the criminal underworld around Southern Investigations and Rupert Murdoch's senior executives



      2: 6 The Stephen Lawrence Murder

      Six years later, seven miles away, the most notorious racist killing in British history has disturbing connections to the Daniel Morgan murder and police corruption in South East London.



      2: 5 Masters of the Dark Arts

      As Rees and Fillery make Southern Investigations a one stop shop for the press in the 90s, using blagging, bugging, and police bribes, they also pioneer the modern arts of cybercrime, fake news, kompromat and the tabloid sting for the News of the World and its most famous journalist - the Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood.



      2:4 The Wire

      The stunning revelations from the Inquest that Jonathan Rees had planned Daniel Morgan's murder a year before it happened are backed up in dramatic transcripts



      2: 3 The Wider Web

      Three weeks after Daniel Morgan was murdered, a major investigation into police corruption in South London, and the death of DC Alan Holmes. But were he and Daniel working together? What is the hard evidence those two violent deaths in the summer of 1987 were connected?



      2: 2 Anatomy of a Coverup

      More revelations from the first murder inquiry, Morgan 1, as the shadow boxing between Alastair Morgan and Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery is laid bare. Alastair's probing leads to suspicion falling on the Catford detective. But he has an ace up his sleeve



      2: 1 The Perfect Murder, Almost

      Peter and Deeivya go back over the 30 year timeline with new evidence. What happened in those days leading up to the murder? What was the conspiracy? And what else happened in around the murder in the car park?



      UPDATE on Series One and Series Two

      Peter and Deeivya provide updates on series one, including the journalist they couldn't name for legal reasons, a new trial trial, some new hacking, a book and an urgent call to action



      10. Carrying the Burden

      The longest pre trial hearings in British history are soon followed by one of the biggest scandals. But how are Daniel Morgan and phone hacking connected?