Upgrade looks at how technology shapes our lives, from the devices in our hands and pockets to the streaming services that keep us entertained. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Jason Snell.


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episode 335: Repudiation of a Decade

A half-sized Mac Pro? No more Touch Bar? MagSafe is coming back? A consumer Apple display? This week Jason and Myke are partying like it's 2015 as they analyze all the reports about new Macs coming later this year.



episode 334: Tina, If You're Tuna…

The avalanche of 2021 Apple product rumors has arrived, the Mac App Store turns 10, tech platforms show some of their users the door, and Jason provides Intel Mac buying advice to a friend, or is it a fish?



episode 333: New Year, Same Old Prediction

2021 has arrived, so it's time for Jason to predict what he thinks Apple will do this year. But it's also time for Myke to look back on his 2020 predictions and judge how well those came out.



episode 332: The 2020 Upgradies

It's the 7th annual Upgradies! Myke and Jason discuss their favorites of 2020 across many categories.



episode 331: Mandatory Turkey Holiday

It's the Upgrade Holiday Special! Myke reviews the AirPods Pro Max and Jason reviews Apple Fitness+. Then we get into the spirit of the season with a holiday-themed #askupgrade, and Myke watches "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for the very first time!


 2020-12-21  1h56m

episode 330: People Aren't Always Logical

Warner Media blowback, Apple's Gawker show gets cancelled, Disney fires off its Death Star, and Apple announced a $550 pair of headphones.


 2020-12-14  1h32m

episode 329: The Stale Hot Dog Industry

Warner Media moves its 2021 films onto HBO Max--what's the future of the movie industry? And a new Mark Gurman report gives some shape to the future of Apple's M-series processors--it turns out the M stands for "more cores."


 2020-12-07  1h29m

episode 328: Secure, But Terrible

This week we consider the future, and what Apple's rumored to be doing to the Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook Pro in 2021. Plus Jason embraces the iPhone 12 mini and reboots his complaints about how Mac security impacts usability.


 2020-11-30  1h32m

episode 327: The Future Doesn't Apply

This week: We report back on using our M1 Macs, "Wonder Woman 1984" goes to streaming, and Apple makes a clever move in its PR battle over App Store fees.


 2020-11-23  1h48m

episode 326: The M1 Macs: Interview and Review

In this special, extra-packed episode we've got an interview with Apple's Tim Millet and Tom Boger about Apple's new M1 Macs, followed by Jason's review of the new Macs after spending nearly a week with all three models.


 2020-11-17  2h18m