Upgrade looks at how technology shapes our lives, from the devices in our hands and pockets to the streaming services that keep us entertained. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Jason Snell.


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episode 325: Johny for the Chips

Three new Macs have arrived, and they've brought the Apple-designed M1 processor with them. Myke and Jason break down the new chip, the new hardware, and what it all means for the future of the Mac.


 2020-11-11  1h35m

episode 324: The 2020 November Event Draft

Surprise! Jason and Myke predict what will happen at next week's Apple media event, in the form of an impromptu draft. There's a lot of speculation about Apple silicon, but we've thrown in a few wacky picks just to keep things interesting.


 2020-11-02  1h25m

episode 323: The Edges are More Interesting

New Apple hardware season is in full swing! We review the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and fourth-generation iPad Air. Myke and Jason find themselves drawn to different models for aesthetic reasons.


 2020-10-26  1h45m

episode 322: Aux In, Cows Out

This week we're picking up the pieces on last week's October Apple event. What have we learned about the HomePod and iPhone 12? There's a lot to unpack here. And in other news, Apple has decided that 2020 is the right time to become MTV.


 2020-10-19  1h25m

episode 321: It's the Hope That Kills You

Jason and Myke break down Apple's iPhone 12 and HomePod mini launch event. Having four new iPhones with different pricing structures and camera options is a bit overwhelming, but they do their best to process it all and provide initial reactions.


 2020-10-14  1h36m

episode 320: Apple Silicon and the 2020 October Event Draft

HUGE bonus episode! First, we interview Apple's Tim Millet and Tom Boger about the new iPad Air and Apple silicon. Then it's time for us to predict what will happen Tuesday via the October Apple Event Draft!


 2020-10-10  1h26m

episode 319: I'm Gonna Drive My Ferrari Into the Sunset

This week is all about what's next, as we discuss the ramifications of A14 benchmarks, ponder the challenges of Apple succession planning, and prep for our interview with Apple execs.


 2020-10-05  1h25m

episode 318: Four Weeks Out or Tomorrow

This week widget mania sweeps the nation, Jason goes to an Apple Store to buy a Solo Loop, and Tim Cook ponders Apple's work-from-home culture.


 2020-09-28  1h18m

episode 317: Upsettings

This week's show features an iOS 14 home-screen aesthetics revolution, some watchOS 7 follow-up, the need for a Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 12, and the horrible ways we use our keyboards.


 2020-09-21  1h41m

episode 316: Why Tomorrow?

New Apple Watches and iPads! Here's our quick reaction to the news. Shockingly, we walk away feeling pretty good about… Apple's services? Plus: Surprise! Apple's OS updates are coming tomorrow!


 2020-09-16  1h27m