Join us each week as we celebrate the auditory glory that is video game music. From 8-bit to modern, we love it all.

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VGMpire 155 – Street Fighter Saga Vol 5

The SFV soundtrack is bursting with variety, from incredible remixes to all-new standout tunes that expertly blend musical genres. A new podcast is coming your way SHOW NOTES0:00:00 – Opening Theme (SFV Arcade Edition)0:16:58 – Theme of Laura


 2019-09-20  n/a

VGMpire 154 – Street Fighter Saga Vol 4

We examine seven years’ worth of incredible SFIV tunes, from the 2009 original and to its Ultra conclusion. Download now SHOW NOTES0:00:00 – Volcanic Rim Stage (SFIV)0:17:07 – Theme of Guile (SFIV)0:20:19 – Theme of Sakura (SFIV)0:


 2019-09-19  n/a

VGMpire 153 – Street Fighter Saga Vol 3

A new generation of fighters appears, and with them comes an amazing assortment of jazz, dance, hip hop & industrial tunes. Get caught up with the entire Street Fighter III series! Let’s get it on now 54321 SHOW NOTES0:00:00 – Third Strike


 2019-09-18  n/a

VGMpire 152 – Street Fighter Saga Vol 2

Street Fighter moves forward by stepping backwards… in time! Get ready for anime-infused tunes from Alpha 1 and 2, then the insane breakbeats of Alpha 3. Go for broke! SHOW NOTES0:00:00 – Opening Theme (SF Alpha 2)0:18:41 – Character Sel


 2019-09-17  n/a

VGMpire 151 – Street Fighter Saga Vol 1

Here comes a new podcast, and it’s Rocktober in September – Rocktember, baby! Brace yourself for a series of street fightin’ tunes, starting with the arcade original and its world-famous sequel. Surprise! SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Title


 2019-09-16  n/a

VGMpire 150 – Chrono Conclusion

Before we bow out for an indefinite hiatus, journey from 65 million BC to parallel dimensions in this Lavos-sized 150th episode. To far away times SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Presentiment / Chrono Trigger0:25:48 – Guardia Millennial Fair (CT)0:29:02


 2019-09-15  n/a

VGMpire 149 – Contra Convo Continued

A gritty trip to the year 4444 and a gorgeous retro revival are just two of the amazing OSTs we discuss in this second Contra conversation. Download now SHOW NOTES0:00:00 – Venus (Shattered Soldier)0:17:39 – Fortress (Shattered Soldier)0:21:18


 2019-08-07  n/a

VGMpire 148 – Contra Convo

Grab your Spread Guns and hoof it through an audio overload of amazing Contra tunes, from its arcade origins to the 16-bit technological marvels. Download Now 0:00:00 – Jungle Battle (Contra)0:17:56 – Maze Fortress 1 (Contra)0:19:34 – Ma


 2019-07-17  n/a

VGMpire 147 – Mortal Kombat Kolloquy

It’s Kombat Time! Let’s look back on the first four games in this klassic fighting game franchise, from the gruesome arcade original to the polygonal MK4. Download Now SHOW NOTES0:00:00 – In The Beginning (MK1)0:22:44 – Hall (MK1)0


 2019-05-08  n/a

VGMpire 146 – 2018 Year in Review

Over TWO HOURS of unforgettable music and moments from 2018, including jams from Monster Hunter: World, Octopath Traveler, Tetris Effect, Gris, Celeste, Deltarune and much more! Download Now 0:00:00 – Tite Mites (Astro Bot Rescue Mission) 0:13:20 &#


 2019-04-17  n/a